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gallbladder and vegan diet by Eric B ..... Gallstones & Gallbladder Remedies

Date:   2/5/2017 5:28:31 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I read a lot about gallbladder surgery and how everyone is pushing thru with it. I really do wish you all the best. After all, that's what life is about, to enjoy the good things it offers.

I am an ex-gallbladder attack victim. And I know the fear of these attacks. I always worried about what to eat and actually ate rice porridge for a month. (I cried one night thinking about what my life has come to) I was disheartened coz I thought I might never be able to enjoy the good food(more like bad food) in life.

I tried all the flushing, the apple juice drinking, some weird herbs from brazil, some from the Philippines, others from India, not eating this, not eating that. I hated epsom salt. It put me on the bed for 2 days because of constant diarrhea. haha!

I went to multiple doctors and each and everyone of them recommended surgery. I gave up and I decided to have surgery in India. But one day before my flight, I fell off from my motorcycle and cancelled my trip to India.

You know what, I even consulted the dark magic people. No, seriously, I did. I thought this was the result of some bad eyes. How naive.

One day, my college professor and I were talking about my gallbladder problems. His mother happened to have the same condition and had overcome it. He recommended me the same doctor. He let me know beforehand that his medical ways are not the traditional ones, i.e. giving omeprazole for acidity attacks. Gosh, how I hate remembering those days.

So I went to this doctor and he put me on a vegan diet. He suggested a lot of other things, about living positively to detoxification. But what I found most profound in his teachings were the two things I'll never forget in life; We get sick in two ways. Its either deficiency of nutrients or presence of toxins in our body. And for our body to heal itself completely, it has to remove the toxins thru detoxification and load up on essential nutrients thru a vegan diet with lots of fruits. He planned an eating time table for me to follow.

He told me," I'm sure your Gallstones took time to build. Then why do you look for quick fixes? Give it time. It will find a way to disappear." Well, I believed him.

I tried it for a week. I bought vitamix blender and start drinking shakes. Mango-Beet tasted really good. Hehe! I avoided all meat. Yeah, it was tough. I also started drinking pure lemon juice for detoxification (no water, honey or Sugar added).

This two-pronged attack, loading myself on nutrients and detoxifying myself thru lemon juice early morning got my body in tip-top condition. I lost fats and became more enegized. My whole body felt the effects of my new found energy. I never needed a nap in the afternoon.

After 3 weeks, I started adding meat into my diet during lunch time. I started out with rice porridge, with chicken cooked in broth(whatever its called, chicken in soup). No pain, no discomfort. I took the same dish for dinner. No pain, no discomfort. I slowly started eating sweets, beef, KFC (once a week), olive oil, orange juice. No pain, no discomfort.

Overtime, I just completely forgot about the pain and have been pain free for 3 years now. I was 22 then. I'm 25 now.

All I know is, sometimes God uses discomfort to awake your senses. We need to take care of our bodies in the best way we can. We should exercise, eat healthy, laugh, and love people around us. Stop holding all the grudge inside us because that leads to build-up of toxins too. Gallstone attack is just part of the puzzle. The real solution lies in changing of lifestyle and persevering thru it all. Patience and hard work, along with a good healthy mindset will get rid of the pain. And then, you can wake up without being worried of all the pain until you eventually forget it even took place.

I tried making this as short as possible but that's the shortest I can come up with. Feel free to ask any question. I really know the natural ways work. It just takes time. Just believe! Thank you!

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