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Re: The truth about Newport by elan164 ..... Rife Forum: Bio Resonance

Date:   2/10/2017 10:42:44 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I assume Truthsayer made a new account to post this, thus the single post. Here's his reply to a pm i sent, in it he explains how the frequency was derived.

Hello, sorry for the late reply, and you're welcome. I moved on from Curezone since those days I frequented the forum many years ago, but I always had that nagging in the back of my head that new people might continue coming across his information and end up hurting themselves. Normally I wouldn't care what some crazy on the internet says, but lives are literally on the line here. I had to eventually say something.

Something important that I forgot to add to my topic, is that I *implore* everyone to re-calculate the Ouroboros frequency themselves, not just take my word for it. Go to Charlene Boehm's DNA paper:

The formula for the frequency is right there in her paper, in the following lines:

For convenience however, the formula for finding the genome-related debilitating frequency is recapitulated:

[299,792,458 m. per sec / (# of base pairs) x (3.403846154 E-10 m.)] = frequency
which, when divided down by many octaves to the low audio range, and then multiplied by √2, yields a baseline “debilitating frequency”.

You are welcome to post this message as a reply to my topic about Newport, so others can calculate the frequency themselves too. I really don't want to ever so much as glance at that forum again, so I won't be posting it myself. To reiterate, you can calculate the "Ouroboros" frequency by simply putting the number "1" into the "# of base pair" variable of the formula above. My memory is foggy so I don't remember if I used scalar octaves (dividing by e^3) or binary octaves (dividing by 2) for the Ouroboros frequency I posted years ago, though if you ask me the scalar octave theory is a complete sham. I've not seen any convincing scientific basis for it whatsoever, and both Jeff Sutherland and Dale are extremely questionable individuals. I suggest sticking to dividing by 2.

I don't use the SC-1 anymore. I used it for a few years and found it to be overall ineffective. As I said above, I don't trust the creators of the device, they always seemed fishy to me. I still recall how Dale sounded when I called him to buy a SC-1 - he had a hackish cough and had to keep pausing mid-sentence just to cough. If his device actually works, why did he sound so ill? A mere zapper did more for me than the so-called "magic bean." (Note that zappers work primarily by boosting the immune system temporarily, in part because direct current will move heavy metals temporarily to the less-harmful extremities of the body - if you aren't chelating, no zapper or Rife machine for that matter will cure you, they will only make you feel temporarily bettter.)

Yes, one of the reasons I left CureZone was because I realized many people here are not actually looking for a cure. Many here actually want to remain sick, so they can complain and moan. Look at Trapper's forum, they've been moaning about the "imminent" end of the world for many years now, but it never happens.


In my opinion there is something amiss with the whole Newport thing. He posts for years on rife forum, making scripts, touting bits and pieces of info he receives from dowsing.

Never fully explains his wild thoughts, most of the time leaves your hanging or says that topic is better left discussed for another day.

Then just stops posting in the rife forum, almost like he became bored of it. Now lives over at Trappers forum as a zerohedge poster child and war enthusiast, with the majority of his replies in the form of quotes.

Check out and learn to harness your own internal power instead of surrendering it over to someone else.


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