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Day 5 of fast! by heartofahippy ..... Fasting: General Fasting Support

Date:   5/2/2017 10:56:31 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Hi all! So I am on day 5 of my Juice fast today. So far, so good. Day 1 and 2 were sort of easy, day 3 I felt very weak and fatigued and I laid around most of the day. Day 4 some nausea and slight dull headache. But I noticed on Day 4 that I am starting to not want to drink the juice as much, so I only had 4 juices yesterday instead of 6. Today I may drink more, because I am back at work and can't do as much laying around as I did the last 4 days, although my job is pretty sedentary. I can sit at my desk all day if I want.

I have been doing coffees enemas and ACV enemas shortly after the coffee for cleansing. I have had a lot of flukes pass, and some roundworm and hookworm, nothing too big yet. Yesterday after I wiped, there was a small white transparent worm about an inch and a 1/2 long on the TP. I think it may have been a segment of a tapeworm, because there were other parts in the toilet. IT WAS GROSS! So yesterday I started taking some coconut oil (2 tbsp. yesterday and 1 today so far) and I did a coconut Oil Enema . That was the first time I did an enema and did not have to expel a lot afterward.

But lo and behold, today I went to the bathroom at work and to my surprise a pretty decent size piece of regular looking stool came out and it had those little white rice looking things (I think it is some kind of parasite larvae.) I have been seeing a lot of strange thing coming out of me since I started this journey about 2 weeks ago so it doesn't bother me too much. BUT MAN it was SO FOUL AND RANK! I bent down quickly to take a closer look at it (I have to hurry at work, we have automatic flushing toilets), so as soon as my face got close to the bowl, I almost fell over! My eyes watered and I was gagging. Needless to say, just when I thought I was completely empty, there is much more. YUCK! Just so glad that water it was it is out of me! My tongue is super coated.

I am 34 year old vegetarian female, I weigh about 130 pounds (when I started fasting, I have not weighed myself recently) and I am only 5'3. I have excessive belly fat. Most people look at me and say I am "skinny" but they don't see me naked and see my protruding gut. I had a client the other day ask if I was pregnant!! I do not want to focus so much on weight loss as I do letting my body do its thing and eliminate years of junk food and alcohol. I want to aim for 30 days total. I plan to slow down on the juice gradually and eventually have a period of water only fasting. I like to take the coconut oil in a spoon, it definitely helps with my hunger.

My goals are clearer skin, better digestion/bowel movements, eliminate bags and dark circles under eyes, and of course losing the few extra pounds in my tummy and hips would be great!

Question: No toothpaste during a water fast? How do you guys clean your teeth? The coated tongue and taste in my mouth will drive me nuts if I can't brush my teeth!!

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