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Re: Flukes, intestinal and/or liver by s0ft3st ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/6/2017 3:21:23 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I found this thread after doing a google image search trying to identify what I was expelling on a Wormwood /walnut hull/clove parasite treatment with P&B shakes & diatomaceous earth thrown in for good measure. I wasn't even totally sure before this that I had parasites but now I know I have them- the image with the larger brown ones that look a bit like mushrooms is what mine look so much like (& some are really big too), some are in better form (more exactly identifiable as a fluke) and I've also expelled some round worms as well as some longer, flowy winged type things.
Does anyone know how long to go on for? I've only been on the Wormwood complex for a little over 1 week- last night when I ate about 4 tbsp of papaya seeds as well was when I excreted So Many of them (I went to the bathroom maybe 20 times in one night, everytime just expelling clumps and clumps of worms and flukes). I'm so freaked out by this- I was doing a parasite cleanse as part of a greater detox protocol, trying to prep for a liver flush- I never thought the problem was this bad. But now that I see what I'm expelling , I'm starting to believe all the health problems I've had for 3 yrs has been caused by them (IBS, hormonal imbalance, brain fog, fatigue, not feeling like myself at all).
I'm not sure how long i should keep going with the herbs; I've heard people having alot of success with Turpentine but it seems really extreme to me. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.

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