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Re: ALBENDAZOLE & IVERMECTIN PROTOCOL: Strongyloides, Morgellons, & Filariasis by Hidden Username ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   5/6/2017 7:34:39 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Ok - Finished day 16 of Albz / Prazi / Ivm Fluke meds exactly as prescribed except i took one day off at day 10 so added one day on end of 14.

Using Valbazen and Koi pond 99.5% pure praziquantel plus ivemectin.

I'll continue ivermectin as it seems to lift brain fog - i may have cysted parasites in brain - maybe not...going to move forward as though I do, until I find doctor willing to jump in and do testing (mri). This means 60 days total with your schedule which makes sense to me. I have seen some hair shedding - not a lot, but consistent. Be nice to not lose hair, so break for 7 days hopefully reduces that.

Note that i was taking Doxycline since January (800 mg twice a day) and Bactrim overlapping and before, prior to starting regime.

No skins issues for over 30 days! Thats 23 days longer than any stretch in the past two years!

I have posted this already, but here imy history in summary, I had two years of Hell with what I believed was mite infestation - likely from my dog who caught thus on DogVacay sleepover for a week with other dogs - he was incesentantly scratching.

Then this started up with me a few weeks later on my lower legs - I thought it was mange (tunnel patterns and intense itching).

My dog had round worms as well and i treated that (I should have paid MUCH greater attention to this in regards to own my malady).

So three - four months of this and it seemed like I rid myself. Started taking baths and bam, my scalp and face started breaking out with postules (legs cured). 18 months of worsening outbreaks, a few days to a week (max) of knocking it down and then new outbreaks until crusting level.

By February this year, I started all our nuke'em campaign (high concentration permethrin with bpo on for 12 hrs a day for one week. Extraction every day of dead skin and tweezing (tweezerman fine point) out as many parasites and eggs as i could get).

Got it to point of final two areas on face and decided to get microscope in March - that was eye opening - demodex yes but also parasites that were beyond that and morgellons like things.

So one more breakout on neck and startred putting it together that my stomach was constantly in state of acid reflux, and was constantly constipated.

So got various horse paste antibots fenbendazole oxybendazole praziquantal ivermectin moxidictrin
and rotated thru trial period to see what flushed out.

Looks like hookworms and flukes (see my photos).

Still getting flukes in stool but worms subsided after initial blastout!

Look forward to this week's rest of Albnz and Prazi meds - they do take down my energy and make me sleepy.

Will ket you know progress.

Please see my photos posted - need confirmation of what paracites I have!

Thank you!


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