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Re: Looking For Some Fasting Buddies; Let's Support Each Other~ by MermaidMina ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   5/17/2017 9:45:26 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I am well aware of all of that, even the part about opting for supplements due to fear (intuition-based knowledge from my end), aka lack of trust, and yet my friend, there are always exceptions to every rule, I mean, you may disagree it seems, but that too, you say, "simple logic" ;)

I would explain why and what I'm doing more in depth, but I do not feel to need to justify to you what I already approve of and know is good for me for this particular fast and at this point in time.
Believe what you want, but in the end, intuition is more powerful than any fact you can reference.
You don't agree, and I don't need you to.
I respect your views regardless.

Perhaps, Archus, you are the one projecting your own fears onto me, because I did not ask for your help or your suggestions, and from personal experience, offering help when it is not asked is rarely helpful (if ever at that) and is certainly not wise.
I wrote what I wrote confidently, and so, perhaps it is you that does not respect my choices.
For it would be pretty irresponsible and unintelligent of me not know the basic things you feel the need to tell me, and the tone of my messages so far point to neither of those traits.

Nobody loves me as much, knows me as well, and wants the very best for me more than myself, and so my own authentic feelings and educated and calculated decisions are number one.

I made this thread to connect with other people that are fasting or want to fast right now and would like some company, and I'm keeping them posted on my progression and details, so I'm going to stick with the purpose of this thread.

I know that you post frequently in fasting-related threads, and I'm sure you've been helpful to others many a times.
I recognize that, and I salute you.
Good on you, and keep on keeping on.



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