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Re: Water - Dry - water - Dry fast ??? by srinath ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   5/28/2017 7:35:02 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I am low on insulin sensitivity, and the increased FFA's from losing weight make it worse. I have to get the last few lb out and keep it out for a while before it will catch up.

Anyway I cant experiment for the next 2 months. My wife is out of the country, so I am in the same ol same ol pattern for now.

OK sucralose - it may not be so inert etc etc, and baking it actually makes it get a bitter taste, so I wont cook with it.
However I wanted to add 1 point to that link you posted. Its in the context of eating it with lots of other foods as "normal" life. It can kill your gut bacteria. So you get improper absorption of food and hence get fatter and malnourished at the same time. However in a fast, your gut bacteria anyway don't get fed. They die just from being starved. Sucralose isn't that big a deal just in that aspect. The refeed session should first be geared toward re populating your gut. Of late since I have been keeping good records and eating better in my refeed days I have noticed that I wake up with a bloated feeling as well as heavier when I didn't drink water. From the time I went to bed last night and this morning I gained over 1lb and I went to bed with a flat stomach and woke up with a small potbelly. My meal last night was a 1/2 head of broccoli, and ~300 gm of wild greens with coleslaw dressing that was almost all fat. Then I had lotus seeds, chia seeds, pepperoncini peppers, turkey with lots of fat and lots of mozzarella cheese.

I believe the rapidly multiplying bacteria have been fed, they have populated my gut and that large quantity of fat has put me into ketosis and I am back to trying to fast again.
So yea sucralose has problems but this one problem I can work around especially when fasting.
Of course I have no idea how to break my sweet tooth. Maybe insulin sensitivity will return sometime and I will stop craving it.


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