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Re: you preserve the parasites and bring them to stanford? by s0ft3st ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/7/2017 10:11:12 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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yes- I've been preserving them in alcohol & taking them in - {which at first I thought was bad b/c I don't think u can do the Ova tests, which r chemically based, after they've been soaked in alcohol [it was just what I had on hand] but they say now they prefer that method b/c the Ova & other chemical tests won't even work after 4 hours on a sample; but what they can do w/a sample like that is what they call "Worm ID" which is like a visual & microscopic exam.
I'm scheduled for a capsule endoscopy next week where u swallow the camera- I felt that a standard endoscopy/colonoscopy might useless since neither goes to the center area near the ileosecal valve (like the last 10-15' of the small intestine & the upper portion of the large intestine)where most of these things are supposed to reside. But a full body scan is another interesting idea- I thought about that but worried that maybe some of these things, if organic in nature, might not show up in various imaging but I don't know.
But, even after all of this, I'm a bit frustrated with how little even really good doctors know about parasites & Treating them: like, I've already been given 2 doses of Albendazole which 1. doesn't even kill adult flukes (only their eggs) & that's one they've already visually ID'd. and 2. I found peer reviewed studies stated that in that dosage it only had a 17% cure rate (yet is rlly effective in killing Eggs even in a single dose). So, since these herbs have seemed to be so effective, I was going to stick with the herbs for at least another month to kill as many adults & various species as possible {b/c unlike the RX meds, the herbs seem to work on killing Many different species} & then when I'm done w/the herbs, to Then use my doses of Albendazole to clean-up all the eggs (since clinically it's most effective at killing Eggs of like 12+ different species of parasite but will only kill adult round, hook & pin worms) .
And, after all of this, the one thing they Can't ID are these "cotton balls with legs' type things (the mucus balls with the dark strings) - they've said they Aren't Food & Aren't human in origin, they're just rules as "unknown" now {& I think the thing that got them to order the capsule endoscopy b/c I've been to 3 docs there now who are just like "it's not food [& I'd been on clear liquids- juice & broth- for Weeks too b/c of GI distress over all of this], it's not something that's part of your body or should be in your body but we have no idea what it is" - was just ruled "Unknown" in my charts, which is kind of scary ;-) - even my doc seemed disturbed by them when I first brought them in.
Yeah, all of this has been kind of a wild ride for me b/c I Never suspected I had parasites until I actually saw them (& I actually tried to just deny it to myself for a couple weeks b/c it was so gross & I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy ) - I've had GI issues for 3 yrs since getting "food poisoning' after eating at a sketchy taco stand & was never the same afterwards & I'd been to so many doctors & none of them could figure out what was wrong (as I had Nothing wrong w/my digestion before & went from being just fine to loosing like 30 lbs bc it was just so uncomfortable to eat, being on every special diet, being gluten & Sugar free, low FODMOP, totally raw vegan, tried paleo- I tried it All & nothing really worked & I just thought this was the new normal & I'd just have to live with it forever.
It was only by accident that I got this GI formula herb that had herbs in it that happened to be anti-parasitic [but I didn't know that when I started taking it- it was just a blend of herbs supposed to be good for the GI tract] & after about 1 week on it, I started seeing weird things (& researching the action of the herbs & what I was seeing) but I still wasn't convinced I had parasites, I thought it was too "far out" but I was still suspicious so then I decided to buy a stronger purely anti- parasite herbal combination & taking the max dose daily while only consuming clear liquids just to see if I really had them & then I Really started seeing alot of stuff that I just couldn't explain (& for Me, what I see & preserve for the hospital Doesn't look like most of the pix I see on CZ- like when I see flukes & preserve them for the hospital, they Don't look like tomato skins, they look like the pix on Google- they're perfectly formed w/a clear internal structure that even my doctor could see & ID w/a naked eye [something else in the beginning that was suspicious was there was so much stuff that was exactly the same thing but it all different sizes- from like 1mm long to 3cm long but identical in every other way vs if it was rlly seeds or something I'd eaten, it'd all be the Same size- there wouldn't be baby ones & large ones & medium ones; and they wouldn't have clear internal structures.. Interestingly enough, when the flukes first come out, they're reddish pink color but after a day in alcohol, they loose all color & end up clear or grey-ish in color- I think it's b/c they get stained with your blood & then it drained out of them in alcohol... for me, it's the round worm looking things that I'm more doubtful of b/c they always look more torn up & less perfect. And then of course, when u cut off all solid food for weeks, it's hard to tell yourself 'it's just something I ate' or 'I must have swallowed a bunch of spaghetti whole' when I don't even eat spaghetti, lol....
My doctors say that some of these things have a few stages of life cycles where they look completely different so that when I see things that might look like 3-4 different species of things that it might in fact be different life cycles of the same species. I sort of have the feeling that those things we saw & can't identify - the mucus balls w/strings / 'legs' are maybe a Beginning life cycle of one of these things or possibly like an egg sack but it's just a guess I have...
Hopefully the capsule endoscopy will show more- I feel like at least that way, they can see these things in their actual habitat & see what they're doing; my biggest concern really is that these things might have started doing some type of internal/structural damage to my body so hopefully it'll show that too... I'll let u know what they find!

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