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Re: Multiple Symptoms/Issues - Advice? by WhoAreYouNormally ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   7/6/2017 1:38:51 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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-Current Symptoms (attempt to add frequency as well)-

-Current Diagnosis-

-Odd Past Issues-



-Tests I have had done (that I can remember)-

I have had other tests however I do not have the results on hand. I also do not trust some of the results as one of the labs I was sent to was very disorgnized & couldn't seem to get my paper work right.

-Current Medications/Supplements-
Honestly I am so foggy & out of my mind I can't remember to take anything consistently (my work day can also be very lumpy so this does not help)

-What helps-

-Current/Past Doctors-

-Interested In-

You have so many problems that I think you need to be very loose and flexible with anything new you try. It sounds very much like a really bad case of lyme disease which is often associated with heavy metals. Lyme cans supposedly piggyback inside larger helminths as well like russian nesting dolls. Diet is best approached intuitively and viscerally, doubly so in cases like yours where things tend to shift a lot and multiple organs are compromised.

What was your reaction to pineapple, do you think it could have been a die-off reaction and not an allergy? Was it sweet juice from fresh pineapple? I am the pineapple juice evangelist.

Post a lot on the iodine forum, both parasite forums, some diet forums, lyme forum.  Avoid the zealots!

Coffee enemas? Liver flushes but not yet, I would wait until you're stronger.

Take an ayurvedic dosha quiz. Some of your food allergies might be due to having such a high pathogen load, and might wax and wane as you get stronger. Also they may be related to preparation methods, ie have you tried boiling milk with cinnamon and turmeric, cardamom? Not that I have a dairy agenda for you.


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