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Re: developed II during pregnancy/has anyone tried zapping with success by mbean63 ..... Diabetes Type II Forum

Date:   10/25/2005 10:00:38 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am going to tell you of a complete cure that I have heard of. I believe the zapper also may be beneficial since I am a fan of Dr. Clarke's as well. This cure hs been around for a long time and one of the big pharmacuetical companies tried to buy the researcher off with 30 million dollars not to make it public, but he did anyway. First you have to understand you do not have to stay insulin resistant. Second you have to commit to life style changes in diet. You also have to exercise somehow, even if it is walking. These are a given. If you are overwieght, then you need to lose the weight as well, this will come with the lifestyle changes above. The product I am going to tell you about is wonderful! Cures do exist for this horrible diease or its symptoms such as "insulin resistance".. Since you are in the prestage of diabetes you have got a good chance of getting rid of it. First you have to understand what your are dealing with first. Diabetes is a result from Sugar fermentation. Refined Sugar (soft drinks, chips anything made with refined sugar, foods included-all manaufactured foods)when digested is not a natural Sugar to the body because the nutrients of the sugar have been removed and the sugar has been altered through this process. At the cellular level it coats the cells with a plastic type coating starving the cells for glucose and nutrients. The refined sugar then stays in our blood for alot longer than necessary causing the pancreas to work overtime. This eventually weakens the pancreas. This process can lead to symptoms such as yeast infections, (candida) and a whole lots of other ailments. Refined sugar also starves the muscles for glucose and also alters how collagen is produced in the body. Collagen is the glue of the human body and holds it together. This is why after many years diabetics have enlarged hearts, the formation of collagen is affected by refined sugar. I could go on with a whole host of other ailments as well, but I am sure your doctor told you the problems diabetics have. The cure is called Eleotin. It is based on Asian medicine. It is a mixture of adaptogenic herbs that do many things. it cost about $85.00 a month but you do nothave to take it forever. Usually about 6-12 months. It is split into 3 different bottles for treament. One of the bottles helps to balance your blood sugar all day adjust to the fluctations of your blood sugar ( adaptogenic) then one of the other 2 formulations work on helping the pnacreas to recover its function of producing insulin and enyzmes needed by the body. You will notice the results as the months go on know that you pancreas has been healed. This is mainly for type 2 diabetics and insulin resistant patients. You also need to get the book called "The cause and cure for diabetes" to understand how everything works. Sugar fermentation also causes cancer. Cancer patients have high acidic levels in the ph level and cancer thrives on sugar and and an oxygentated environment. You need to also get you ph in balance the more alkaline you are the less likeliness for cancer to start as well. Normally diabetes and cancer will often go hand in hand due to the sugar fermentation at the cellular level. Just type in Eleotin in your internet browser or go to the website and go under eastwoods biomedical research for the information on the product you need. You can also email me at if you have further questions. I hope this information helps you in your search for better health.



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