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Re: Didn't Take My Iodine, Suffering for it Now by ELT25 ..... Iodine Support & Discussion: Seaweed, Kelp, Lugols etc.

Date:   10/10/2017 9:08:41 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Hi, TheWonder92.
I periodically checked back after my post but didn't notice any responses. And somehow my email never got verified so I wasn't getting notifications.
My main concern at that time was how long before I would start swallowing normally. I searched and searched elsewhere on the web to see if anyone had any insight, I found nothing. I can say after about two weeks of starting to regularly take a good amount of Iodine and co-supplements, my energy starting to come back - more energy was the first noticeable improvement. Also at two weeks I upped my dosage a bit. I started with 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening. Eventually I made my way up to 10 drops in the morning 10 drops in the evening until about July when I went to 10 drops only in the morning.

It was two months after I started that my monthly cycle went back to what I was used to, not nearly as heavy. And it was three months after, early June, when my swallowing issue was completely resolved. I could eat an apple without the feeling of it getting stuck in my throat. (Apples and carrots were the hardest for me to eat.)

Since then, June, I feel wonderful! I am still taking 10 drops of Iodine with co-supplements every morning, and it seems to be doing me very well. I will probably drop down my dosage some in the next month or so.

My tennis elbow went away, no more random aches and pains. I don't feel tired during the day for no reason. My eyes aren't puffy like they used to be, and I just over all feel wonderful! I do take other supplements regularly, but I have no doubt that enough Iodine was what I was lacking all this time.

I kept a journal of symptoms and improvements as they came and it helped me to keep track of how I was feeling and when things started to get better.

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