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Anxiety is getting the best of me lol by Robert14 ..... Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Date:   12/6/2017 1:29:08 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I had to post this i think this just comes with having adrenal issues I am currently fixing my digestion ridding yeast n parasites and had serious anxiety attack today but only because I woke up with lots of splinter hemmorages on my nails which if u look that up first thing it'll say is heart infection lol but it took me a hour to figure out and also exposing hands to extremely cold conditions causes trauma to nails

So how did that happen well I was counting inventory at the gas station yesterday inside of a ice cream cooler and I was using all my fingers except thumbs to count the ice cream my fingers got so cold I said f*** and blew my breath on them toward my nails

Lol so it was trauma from extreme cold im walkin around thinkin my heart is messing up smh I hate myself need gloves next time have to stop thinkn of dying it's getting old I almost grabbed my car keys and went to the idiot hospital lol then I took a breather and thought deeply lol

I also got these ridges on my nails last year in the winter in January when it was below zero and didn't wear gloves and hands got so cold I cursed at myself

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