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Disturbed sleep between 2 and 5 AM. by iandthou ..... Ask White Shark

Date:   3/9/2018 12:53:51 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Hi White Shark. I just posted this on the Ask Curezone forum and would also like to ask you what you feel about this issue. Thanks.

For the last 2 weeks or so, every other day I wake up between 2 and 5 AM and struggle to go back to sleep. I try relaxing by paying attention to my breath, or listening to an audio recording, or doing yoga. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. I've also had this problem more intermittently over the last year.

I am wondering if part of the reason for this is that at times I wake up because of pain in my back and legs, which comes from a spinal condition I have called scoliosis. But these days I wake up even without the pain, probably because all the days of waking up with the pain have disturbed my body's sleep habits.

In Ayurveda 2 AM to 6 AM is time for vata, and I have aggravated vata, so that may be a reason too.

I am not under a lot of emotional stress. I go to bed around 10.30 PM every day, after half an hour of yoga. I generally wake up around 7 AM. I eat dinner at about 7.30 in the evening, at least 3 hours before going to sleep, and often earlier. I am 33, male. I've been Liver Flushing for 2 years, having done 21 flushes so far. I eat a vegetarian - vegan leaning - diet which is mostly organic, and don't take caffeine, White Sugar , alcohol, cigarettes or any allopathic drugs. I'm already supplementing magnesium and b-12, 2 things that are recommended for sleep issues.

I searched curezone for an hour and as often, the answers I found were so vast and so varied that I am not sure how to practically approach this problem again.

What could be the reason for disturbed sleep?

What can one do about it?

There a very large number of remedies that are written about here on curezone. After reading it all I decided I will try basil tea before sleeping, and use some lavender oil on my pillow. Also an ayurvedic pill that contains valerian and some other Indian herbs, plus I'll see a Tibetan doctor I've been seeing for other issues to ask if I can do anything else.

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