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Re: I have not started/Senile cataracts curable with presb by tke ..... Cataract Forum

Date:   3/10/2018 9:53:33 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Hi Browbie,

I have been using Lanomax for a couple of weeks, as well as taking oral alpha-lipoic acid, but my view of street lamps at night (they look like a circle of white snow surrounded by colored halos) seems to be getting worse. My impression is that I now have large protein aggregates within the nucleus which are resistant to 'digestion' by protease enzymes.
As you know, Jason Gestwicki already found some sterols which are capable of re-solubilizing this insoluble fraction, but I think he is not yet certain that they are 'retina-safe'. Lanosterol appears to have less of a safety issue however.
Your disappointing results with Lanomax so far could be because, like me, you have nuclear cataracts, am I right? But the Lanomax website states that Lanomax also "has a therapeutic effect on nuclear cataract", so I mailed them to let them know there is one user who did not get an improvement even after using 6 bottles. They usually reply within about 1 week. And if human trials are planned for the latter half of 2018, I wonder whether they will be using the same product as we are now. In my opinion, the trials may not succeed unless a lens softening agent is used for a few weeks prior to Lanomax. The ideal agent would be EV06 (now Novartis UNR844) alpha-lipoic acid/choline ester eye drops, which Novartis is not releasing. I would not expect oral alpha-lipoic acid to work as well as EV06 eye drops, if at all, although I had been taking it orally. I have already informed Lanomax of the need for synergistic eye drop agents to make it work in humans, but communications with them are routed thru a customer service representative, and I have so far been unable to speak to their development team directly. Anyway, let's hang in there, Bro'.


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