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Re: Can feel Parasite in testicles! by OneSoundMind ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/23/2018 12:58:32 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I have a similar situation except I can feel pressure in my left groin crease (where the leg meets the groin, just to the left of the scrotum). It's like something is in there... when that pressure goes away I can feel something slithering around my testicle. One night I was awakened from sleep with a series of sharp, stabbing pains in the bottom of the testicle like something was biting it or bursting out of it. The pain was so severe that I started sweating, vomited and then passed out - honestly I have never passed out in my life. I went to the ER and they just said they saw two cysts at the top of the testicle but couldnt explain my pain. I have seen several doctors since then and no one can tell me why it hurts and they all immediately (and often condescendingly) dismiss my claim that something is moving in there. This has been going on now for a month and every night I feel the sensation -- during the day it can become slightly relieved but around 10pm or so and continuing into the night I feel the crawling sensation, almost like something lightly brushes past the testicle but INSIDE the scrotum.

The doctors have tried to explain it as everything from paranoia to saying there could be a small hydrocele that's shifting. But I'm completely sure the type of movement I feel is not just something shifting, it's wriggling. If I press on where I can feel the movement, it shifts/moves. Just to look at the left side of the scrotum at the groin joint it is raised almost like a vein on your forearm would look when you're working out while the right side is not and does not feel tense. Could it have pushed through the rectal wall there and got into the scrotum?

There is also something that feels like a vein attached at the base of the testicle and if I get ahold of it with my fingers it contracts and pulls out of my grip. This is not normal, there are no veins that connect to the bottom of testicles, everything is at the top in the spermatic cord. Ultrasounds have ruled out varicocele which is often referred to as a bag of worms caused by hardened veins. The strange part is, the first ultrasound I had reported I had a varicocele and cysts. The second ultrasound said no varicocele and a small hydrocele. The third saw no hydrocele or varicocele. So what the heck is going on? Could they be confusing the worm for a vein? Could it possibly move somewhere else during the day and go back to the scrotum at night? I am very concerned and the longer I wait, the worse I'm afraid the infestation will be.

On wednesday morning 3/21 (two days ago from the time of this post) I started taking albendazole 400mg every 12 hours. Since then I have passed 5 worm-looking objects however no relief in the scrotum. I had read that ivermectin can often be taken alongside the albendazole for infections beyond the gut... of course no doctors gave me any of this, I had to find it online. So I ordered ivermectin but ordered the incorrect product which was only a 0.08% oral solution meant for sheep (I know, scary). I didn't realize at the time that the concentration was so much lower than I needed and I took 3mL at night one night. Well that pissed it off, it started wriggling around and kicking like a baby in the womb about an hour after I had taken it. This was very uncomfortable and lasted hours with off and on intensity.

So this tells me two things - 1) There's something in there and 2) it doesn't like ivermectin even the slightest bit.

Last night I was back in the ER for shooting pains and a tightness in the testicle. They did an ultrasound and just said the results were "unremarkable" but gave no further details. I asked the doc and he said there's not hernia or anything of concern. Urine analysis came back clean, no infection, no fever. That would normally be a relief to most but since I can still feel it moving at night I am just more frustrated. Pain, weird sensations, no explanation.

The ER physician referred me to a senior surgeon and I have an appointment next week. He said he just wanted him to examine for possible internal hernias in the abdomen that could refer the pain. I asked what could cause the kicking and moving sensation I felt the night before and he said he didn't know.

:::sigh::: I just don't know what to do. I ordered the correct dosage of Ivermectin in the form of a paste meant for horses since it's the same active ingredient/percentage as the human prescription (1.87% - way off from the 0.08% I had ordered previously) and the weight measurement for dosage is the same as for horses. There is a post elsewhere on this forum that gives more details on how to measure this stuff out and plenty of others said they had taken it without adverse side effects. It hasn't arrived yet but I will take it tonight on an empty stomach and hopefully kill whatever this is. It's ruining me, I can barely get through the days and nights are sleepless and uncomfortable if not often painful.

I have tried for weeks to get some doctor with expertise in Infectious Disease, specifically tropical medicine, to talk to me but they all require a referral from a physician with evidence of infection. That's the worst - general physicians think I'm imagining things and they won't refer me so I can't get to anyone who knows what they're looking for. I am becoming very desperate.

Was anyone able to resolve this for you? Has anyone else experienced this and did you find a solution? I don't think it's filariasis since I can feel the worm(s) so I am guessing it's some form of roundworm. Strongyloides perhaps?

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