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Re: THIS is how to beat cancer (and what causes it) by joegrane ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   4/1/2018 10:10:50 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Thanks, but cavatations should also have been mentioned.

I added Bill Henderson's article to my notes. Thanks again. He went into greater detail in the article he wrote at

Cavatations are in the location of removed wisdom and other teeth. The area under the gum doen't heal fully due to the use of blood-flow-restricting epinephrine used by surgeons. Then anaerobic bacteria grow in the cavatation site. It does not necessarily cause pain.

Our group of loved ones is dealing with this issue for our friend with brain cancer. Brain cancer is associated with the acupuncture meridian that is located near the former wisdom tooth site.

However cavatation cleanup surgery is too controversial so it can be tough to find even a biological (IAOMT, etc) dentist to do it! My friend's IAOMT dentist had to recommend a dentist 2 hours away by car. My friend would need a wheelchair van. The nursing home doesn't want us to take her out more than 4 hours.

Dr J Tennant describes this proceedure for cavatation surgery cleanup. He thinks this cleanup also helps those dealing with adrenal fatigue. However Dr H. Huggins and others seem to prefer a more thorough cleanup, including a dental burr to get rid of the deteriorated bone in the area around the cavatation.

"To fix it, they make a tiny slit on the side of the gum. They pop down into that area, clean out the muck and inject that with ozone. The bone is like a sponge, and there are a lot of places for bugs to hide. The ozone, because itís a gas, will kill any bug and sterilize it. Then they draw some blood out of the arm, spin it down, and pull out the fibrin that contains all the chemicals hat tell bone to heal, stuff it down into that hole and it heals like magic."

Brain cancer is bad enough to overcome. Having to overcome medical politics is just another hurdle to wellness : (

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