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A voice from the past.... by Molly Bloom ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/23/2018 10:06:04 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hello old friends. Its been a loooong time since Iíve been here.

I used to be quite active here. My journey into natural health modalities led me to getting a Masters Of Holistic Education and Nutrition, specializing in Integrative Medicine, at a brick and mortar university near San Francisco. I learned much in my education. My forum group back in the day, pretty much put oil pulling on the internet map, one of the things I am most proud of. (Waves at Trapper).

I was worried about coming back. This is what I learned in my education.

The one thing we seemed to do in here was take a modality, whether it was with a certain supplement, or a cleanse, and go at it with a vengence. Having learned to read deep dive blood tests, I realized how one supplement or protocal could knock a bodies enviorment off kilter. While it seems logical to do that, especially if someone else had good experiences, this might not be right for you. I saw it over and over.

I had a friend doing Iodine therapy end up on thyroid meds. Yeah, I know, not a popular statement.

I guess my only wise words of wisdom are now, if you donít have a good blood test telling you what you are deficient in (a test like Cyrex labs) with a qualified person reading them, and even then its only a snapshot of your body at that moment, take it easy diving into something. Cleanses can be good, but they can be hard on the body if you donít know what they are doing. Even a Keto diet can change body and mental chemistry.

I am still devoted to natural modalities, but in integrative medicine we work with Western Medicine. They are not our bosses, they are tools. We are still in charge of our bodies.

A happy life of whole foods, and everything in moderation is a good place to start. I am in no way dismissing those on the site, sick and scared. I get you. When I came here, I was that way too.

Be smart. Be curious. Stay cynical. Listen to your body. Be well.

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