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Re: Could you give an update by btm66 ..... Diabetes Type I Alternatives Forum

Date:   2/17/2005 11:37:17 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Sorry I hadn't got back to you sooner.

I use to watch a show called Know The Cause, hosted by Doug Kaufmann. He had written a book called Infectious Diabetes which he says that Type 1 diabetes can be stopped with antifungals if you treat it within the first four months.

However, I have found a lot of information here on CureZone. The main one is Dr. Hulda Clark s book "The Cure for All Cancers" which she states "Diabetes is caused by the pancreatic fluke of cattle, Eurytrema." I had gotten her book by accident when I bought another book off ebay and this one was in the batch. I had been reading about her work on CureZone and all the time had her book. Her other book, I think, " The Cure For All Diseases " mentions Type 1. The book I have doesn't.

I really believe strongly in what she says. Mainly, because me and my sister have Type 1, none of our other three siblings do. My sister and I are the only ones to have had pinworms (parasite) and I even had a case of roundworms. I didn't know any of this until recently when I was asking my mother about our health history. From what I have learned on Curezone it can be difficult to get rid of parasites done the doctor's way. Dr. Clark says you can stop them in 5 days. Her cure is listed on Curezone. You can have parasites and not even know it. So don't rule it out. Anything is possible.

Also, look into these also found on CureZone... Dr. Schulze Incurables Program (difficult to do with a child, call Dr. Schulze number and ask what they think), Master Cleanse (claims to reverse diabetes also probably hard to do with a child), glyconutrients (just learning about these but seems promising), The Ph Miracle for Diabetes (I think this is by Robert Young), and Dr. John Christopher (Pancreas Panacea, cedar berries, the tincture is mildly strong, but I think a child would drink it in juice).

If you have other children, we have done a test on my son called Islet Cell Antibody. I have copied the info I copied off and have highlighted the most important part...

Other tests are available for even earlier detection of the diabetes process. People with type 1 diabetes have measurable antibodies in their blood that reveal their autoimmune condition. One auto-antibody found in people with type 1 diabetes is the islet cell antibody. This antibody is often detectable months or years before symptoms appear. Other antibodies include the ICA 512 antibody and the GAD GLUTAMIC ACID DECARBOXYLASE (GAD) (or 64-K) antibody. The presence of these antibodies is a sign that the body is attacking its own insulin-producing cells. I expect that testing for auto-antibodies will get less expensive and more common over the next several years.

If you live near Asheville, NC or Arlington, TX. I can give you the names of two doctors that may help. And, Dr. Clark still sees patients in Mexico.

Hey, anything is worth a try! Blessings to you and your child!

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