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Re: 8 Tentacled Skin Parasites - Three or four different types, but all from my skin scrapings - Ribbon-like, worm-like and spider-like. by ajaxzone ..... Unidentified Skin Parasites Support

Date:   8/19/2018 10:02:23 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Coincidently, 18 months ago, I visited a Dermatologist and wanted to send photos of these spider/starfish type specimins and individual ribbon like fibers found in every skin sample I took - one of their research techs responded saying it looked not like a patasite but human keratin or developing ketatin.

Another dermatologist this spring dismissed the whole thing as delusional, and stated that it is probably keratin fibroblasts (good call possibly, but no further investigation, discussion or elaboration biopsy, no scrapings, no looking through previous diagnosis for massive demodex infection and treatment I received, no examination and no questions or answers involved - just dogmatic response to a patient who brought in "matchbox" samples, by a doctor who didn't want to look further into this, assuming any and all skin damage was self inflicted, and therefore I must be delusional...end of meeting. Really a sad testimony to lazy, closed-minded group-think.

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