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why does everyone recommend something different. why doesn't everyone agree on anything? by patientadvocate ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   1/28/2019 6:37:06 PM ( 26 months ago ago)
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People come to cancer sites looking for help. What many of us forget is what the consequences of failure are. How many people know that the moderator of "cancer cured" web site has died from cancer??????

Usually a person dumps a bunch of money into their therapies and still fail. I know this because people come to me after they have tried Gerson, After they have tried Budwig, after they have tried the kitchen sink approach. However, after studying remissions and regressions from natural therapies there are many conclusions i can draw. You should know most people are half right. But that's not good enough in the disease of cancer.

Much advice is coming from non-certified people with zero licensures. Many recommendations are simply repeated off of other articles and websites. Many recommendations are old. Some haven't changed at all and if you just look around. everything cures cancer.
So, where are the success stories.

From time to time throughout the years i have had patients drop in here and say hello. Many are confused by the overwhelmingly different recommendations. When is see someone recommending liquid cesium for example, something that was just outlawed by FDA, it frustrates me because that person making such recommendations can't possibly know a whole lot about chemistry. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LIQUID CESIUM!!! Have you ever heard of liquid table salt ? Now some practitioners are using Gallium.

The fact of the matter is that a comprehensive approach is needed. If someone acts like they know how to "cure" your cancer, you must demand a reference from a patient and you must screen those patients carefully. Otherwise you are all dreaming of a cure but not working towards remission. How many people jump from one therapy to the next? How many people have dozens of pill bottles in their cabinets?

Learn what cancer is and it's not a fungus although can be caused by non healing fungal infections, but all infections that do not heal can lead to cancer.

I have had several people come to me off of curezone. Many are so pulled in different directions they are almost non coach able. They are always non compliant... why is that? It's because they worry they are going to miss out on a pill, a therapy, and substance that may treat the disease and end up under dosing current pro oxidants and minerals but taking the kitchen sink.

There are so many things we can do to boost efficacy. Tagging, hyperthermia, e-stim, dmso, glucose can potentiate your therapies and why wouldn't anyting you are taking be amplified? If you are taking supplements and herbs without potentiation therapies that would be like trying to put out a house fire with a glass of water, and ignoring the hose sitting right next to you.

This disease has affected my life. I am a survivor of lyme and melanoma. This disease killed my Father. But, as of today I have seen so many regressions. Have you? In fact i see more tumor die offs than do many oncologists.

Understand your disease and then you will understand your mission.


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