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Re: Lots of Pain by ParasiteDestructor ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   10/28/2019 3:26:04 PM ( 23 months ago ago)
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I also have a systemic Ascaris infection, including those in the scalp and face. My fingers and toes were getting numb as well. You are not alone! To my knowledge, the only med proven to kill adult Ascaris is oxybendazole. I follow a complex protocol created by MattK, which worked successfully for him and others. He was near death and fought his way back. You can too! Search curezone for his posts. PM him to ask for help. The protocol includes oxybendazole (kills adult ascaris), albendazole (as a carrier deep into tissue for the other meds), weekly doxycycline and mebendazole (kills harmful bacterial living in the ascaris) and clears GI), DEC (kills certain Ascaris lifecycle stages), piperazine citrate and natural piperazine (rotate 4 month cycles of each - helps your immune system identify the parasites), levamisole (boosts the effectiveness of all the meds) and ivermectin (kills larvae). A teaspoon of starwest papain powder mixed with cranberry juice every morning kills eggs. All of these are required together, daily.

I strongly suggest you also take supplements including red pine needle oil, thyme vulgaris, and oil of oregano caps. These force your immune system to fight the parasites. Other supplements protect your liver and kidneys.

I've been on this protocol for 8 months so far and killed a number of adult ascaris. The sensation of ascaris movement in my scalp and face is now only a small fraction of what it was at the begining. However, the progress is in baby steps. I monitor the progress in 6 month intervals. You cannot take breaks from the protocol, and these meds must all be taken daily for years. Keep in mind that while ascaris bread like crazy, adults can only live for 2 years. It's a numbers game to gradually kill of your infection over 2-4 years. Remember that if you have flukes, you must eliminate them before ascaris; as fluke chemistry prevent meds from working on ascaris.

Don't give up!!!

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