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Oily skin and other skin problems by janwos ..... Acne Forum

Date:   7/4/2020 2:06:44 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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I am following the forums for skin problems for several months now but unfortunately I havenít found the cure for my problem yet. My English is not the best but hopefully you can understand the relevant things. I try to keep it short.

History (28 years old, male):
- Acne from age 12 to 20
- Extreme oily but also flaky skin from age 12 till now (especially face and scalp). The variable diagnoses from doctors reaches from simple seborrhea, Seborrheic Dermatitis , seborrheic eczema to atopic dermatitis.
- Clogged, large pores on face
- Dyshidrotic eczema since childhood on both hands

- Every topical ointment (really everything, from the chemical stuff to all natural remedies, wasted a lot of money for all that)
- Accutane (first therapy in 2015 with 20 mg, then second in 2017 with 40 mg and last in 2019 with 5-10 mg, low-dose)
- Dietary change since end of 2018: no milk, no meat (except chicken), avoiding gluten containing food, no junk food, no sweets, a lot of fruit/vegatables, omega-3 oils (i.a. flaxseed oil)

- Persisting side effects from Accutane since first therapy in 2015: dry/peeling/tight lips (really annoying), dry/red eyes, itchy/flaky scalp, sensitive skin
- Skin still very oily (no difference at all)
- Itchy scalp (worse than before)
- Dietary change has only led to minor improvement (less flaky skin on face)
- No effect on dyshidrotic eczema (cortisone is the only thing that helps here)

- 2 big Amalgam fillings for about 15 years (removed them 4 weeks ago) + complete makeover of my other fillings (all ceramic now)
- Digestives trouble since 3 years (flatulences no matter what I eat or not eat)
- Permanent stress because of the skin problems since childhood (causing social anxiety and depression). My whole life only revolves around this desperately trying to find a solution for my skin problems. The mental part seems to worsen the situation but I am pretty sure it is not the root cause.
- athletic (try to work out a lot to cope with the mental issues)

I would be very grateful if someone could help me to find a solution for my skin problems.

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