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Re: Any remedies for parasites In ear drum and throat/neck by stillseekingcure ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/13/2020 5:23:36 AM ( 12 months ago ago)
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I had them in my ears for while. I was using over the ear headphones for work everyday. As soon as it was dark when I put those headphones on they were so annoying. I was using permethrin at the time - thought I had mites - but it is not for sensitive skin and it only made it worst. I now know mine are liver flukes - living under the skin. I was able to get them out of the ear with Colloidal Silver . Of course, you have to be careful with silver, so you don't over use and get blue skin. The other thing that helped me was debrox ear drops at the time. I might have a better thing for you to use. Someone on the Skin parasite forum posted about hypochlorous acid. The way I understand it - your body's the white blood cells makes this to fight infection in the body. Anyway, I use it in an eye wash - drops in the eyes really does help - I have fluke larvae and eggs occasionally in my eyes and ivermectin paste at the corner of the eyes just wasn't killing them. I have the hypochlorous acid in a spray and it really helps fight them under the skin. I buy mine as vet wound care, but you can buy a large size and just dilute it too. The person on the skin parasite forum bought a generator and made her own. Look up the post entitled - Never, Never, Ever Give Up. For sure it would help the outer ear area. I was and still am always concerned about the small hairs in the inner ear - just don't want to damage them. The noise in the inner ear can be very unreal - it kept me up at night. Still have the static noise.

I have had a nest in my neck where it at the junction lower than my tonsils. This one has proven very difficult to eradicate! Started with larvae in my lips. Been using the hypochlorous acid on that - and always ivermectin paste


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