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Possible Stuck Liver Stone by #269047 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   10/1/2020 10:32:34 AM ( 31 months ago ago)
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Below is my current experience of a possible stuck liver stone, GCG protocol, and liver flushing.

After moderate gold coin grass usage (two months at 1Tbsp a day, specific brand details below), a sharp stabbing pain can be felt in what seems to be at the exit of the liver and is accompanied by a generalized sense of pressure of the entire liver region. This sensation has been noticed on and off for eight months, but always after prolonged GCG usage or a decent flush. Laying on one’s stomach and chest (like to leisurely fiddle on smart phone) makes the sensation more noticeable; probably due to the added pressure of body weight on area. Intuition suggests an intrahepactic (liver) stone is clogging the right or left bile duct.

My personal hypothesis: GCG extensively thins bile and “reveals” intrahepactic stones, which might be normally suspended in lubricating bile liquid that prevents their jagged edges from raking into any duct walls, but that are now “dropped” to the floor of the dry duct to forcefully scrape against any walls while pushed towards the exit, the common bile duct.

Search of curezone revealed many attempting chanca piedra when presenting similar complaints, but few follow-up reports of success or failure. I’ve only recently reincorporated it into a daily protocol, but there has been no noticeable difference, yet.

Additionally, GCG’s initial proof of competence — tiny and brown sand like grains observable in the toilet after bowel movements, especially those associated with flushes, and that most believe to be old and stagnant bile — is no longer abundant, even sometimes entirely absent. It’s possible this is due to the thin bile being unable to carry or break down anymore gallstone remnants. Also experience even less digestion on GCG, which might further support the incompetence of too thin of bile.

The hope in patience and allowance of time fails to reassure because eight months should have caused some difference in physical sensation of jagged and sharp pain. It is not the pain or pressure that is annoying, but the nagging belief that if this issue were resolved then the liver would begin performing optimally: providing a stronger bile flow capable of effectively clearing out the gallbladder during a flush. As of now, most Liver Flushes are unsubstantial, giving disappointing results.

The pain is not debilitating: strong enough to suggest something is off, but weak enough to forget.

Glycerin based GCG (Gold Coin Grass) tincture by HawaiiPharms:

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