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Two Week Update: Possible Stuck Liver Stone by Comedianoob ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   10/14/2020 11:49:23 AM ( 32 months ago ago)
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2020/10/14 Update

Have performed 2 flushes since previous post. These were done in seven day intervals under the assumption that supplementing with ox bile could speed up the liverís bile regeneration time. Not sure if itís a valid idea.

First flush caused a much more defined and sharper pain than before, as if the stone had travelled further down into the duct and was making progress towards exiting entirely. This sensation lasted a small bit of time and the next morningís bowel movement produced adequate stones.

A note on my belief of flush stones: they are not all true liver stones . Some are soap stones that seem to soak up bile like a sponge. Even though they are not all cholesterol stones, the fact that they help eliminate old and stagnant bile, and cause powerful liver bile surge is reason enough to continue.

The second flush was not as profitable. Only a small moment of intense pain was felt in the liverís bile duct. It is possible not much bile was forced from the liver as the previous flush. I had not slept many hours the two nights before, which might have contributed. I had also doubled the GCG used from 1 to 2 Tbsp per day. This might have been why I couldnít sleep much for two days, too. Chanca piedra and liver-stone supplementation were consistently taken, but not noted as having much impact.

Believe liver is unable to produce great quantities of bile. Through intense ox bile supplementation of 6 500mg supplements per day I can experience many of the benefits of healthy fat absorption: more energy, motivation, and focus. However after three days, a point of ďbile saturationĒ is reached that causes painful diarrhea in what appears to be the bodyís attempt to rid itself of excess bile.
This indicates that there is a generally lacking amount of bile in daily digestion since artificially or exogenously providing it enables better mood and temporary health. However, since there is a maximum amount that can be absorbed, itís possible that the liver is struggling to recycle it from the blood stream back into the gallbladder. This might be due to ďliver congestionĒ as Julia Chang posits, or from fatty liver disease, which was diagnosed by ultrasound 1.5 years ago and might have progressed to include cirrhosis by now.

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