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Re: Help weird things happening. by tempuser3 ..... Help Me! Forum

Date:   12/9/2020 11:29:48 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Your story is not unfamiliar at all. Doctors in the US generally are totally untrained and unknowledgeable about this kind of thing. Your story sounds like you've definitely got some kind of parasite hyperinfection, compounded by visceral larval migrans because the parasites are able to reproduce inside your body in an autoinfectve cycle. I've been battling a similar kind of situation for almost two years now.

Did you ever eat sushi, or eat food imported from Asia.... like at a restaurant, and a few days later get sick with fever, general all over malaise with arthritis-like, gout-like joint pain? There's sometimes some pretty weird, unknown by mainstream medical science, parasite eggs and/or microscopic embrionated larval cysts contaiminating a lot of foodstuffs imported from Asia. That's how my issues started. The wingless moth-like creatures are just one of the things I've had to fight too. Most likely you are infected with a complex assortment of different parasitic creatures. I've identified three, possibly four or five different things in my personal battle, and another three or four yet to be identified mystery critters. I'm still fighting at least two or three species. When you get infected with one of the particularly nasty species, they downregulate your immune system which leaves you susceptible to getting infected by multitudes of other species that your body would've otherwise been able to fight off by itself normally. It doesn't help that many species of parasites also have a property called "adaptive phenotypic plasticity" which means they can rapidly change their preferred host to whatever is available, and adapt the appearances and behaviors of their various larval stages to do whatever they need to survive and procreate in changing ecosystem environments. Most of these creatures have been around on this planet for hundreds of millions of years. They originated in the oceans a long, long time ago, and have survived multiple global extinction events, including both the "old" dinosaurs extinction 200 million years ago and the "new" dinosaurs extinction 66 million years ago. These creatures adapt and survive..... that's what they do.

Also have you been around anywhere that raccoons have been living and pooping? 80-90% of raccoons in the US are now infected with a work called Baylisascaris Procyonis, and one gram of dried raccoon poop can carry several hundreds of thousands of microscopic eggs than when dried, float in the air and can be breathed in. Once they hatch inside a human digestive system, a firestorm of these larvae wander all over the body, they secrete an enzyme which allows them to dissolve a pathway for themselves thru any fleshy tissue. Medical Science believes Baylisascaris larval migrans to be incurable unless detected within the first couple weeks of infection and given large daily doses of albendazole for several weeks. The eggs resist all known disinfectant chemicals, in fact soaking them in straight 6.25% chlorine laundry bleach for six hours won't kill them. Eggs remain viable in the wild for years. Only exposure to high heat, like 155+ degrees F kills them. The CDC's official response to disinfecting any porous items, like upholstery or carpeting contaminated by Balisascaris eggs is incineration..... that's right, the govt says "kill it with fire".

Some people have had luck controlling Balisascaris larval migrans with long term treatment with albendazole, ivermectin, nitazoxanide and mebendazole combination therapy along with occasional doses of oxibendazole. Balisascaris is the most quickly rising parasite health threat to humans and domestic animals in the USA today.

Global warming has accelerated the growth and adaptation of primitive parasitic invertebrate creatures planet wide, Deforestation of the tropical rain forests have driven them out of their familiar home turf where they lived the past few million years, and only really caused infectious parasitic disease mostly in 3rd world shithole places. Global travel and global trade has guaranteed their propagation everywhere that they can adapt and find a new home and new victims.

Our world food supply is no longer safe anymore. Our medical system is uneducated, untrained, unequipped, and wholly unprepared to be able to.... or know how to deal with this problem, let alone even test for it. So, most western medicine denies that it even exists, but when our doctors do happen to see a firsthand case f these "unknown/undocumented/uncataloged in medical literature " parasitic creatures, it scares the f'ing hell out of them. There are a small handful of infectious disease/tropical disease specialist doctors around the US who are beginning to study this shit, but good luck ever getting a thin sliver of a chance to ever obtain an appointment with one. We're basically screwed and have to learn to become our own doctors and do our own research..... it helps tremendously if you've got a science/engineering education background. I was once a computer scientist. There's another frequent poster here on Curezone named Matt3K who has compiled quite a bit of information, I suggest to seek him out. His documentation isn't very easy to follow though, but has helped me tremendously in my year long battle. I'm sorry I can't be more help than that...... it's taken all my available life force energy just to keep myself alive and going, but I've definitely made quite a bit of progress battling my way back to some level of maintainable level of living, I was on the brink of death during summer 2019.... went from perfect health in the spring to hardly able to stand and walk without falling down by August. I literally shit out semi-digested chunks of small mystery dragons in addition to a few easily recognizable "normal, common" worm types that the taxonomy was readily identifiable in medical textbooks. I'm currently recovering from COVID-19 right now, which if I'd have caught while hyperinfected with multiple parasites, pretty sure I would not be around to be writing this post now.

And speaking of COVID..... perhaps this global coronavirus pandemic has helped wake up the medical establishment to understand that viruses aren't the only infectious/contagious pathogens that are coming down the pike and capable of causing worldwide plagues rapidly. And the world of medicine needs to undergo a "sea change" in order to be able to spring into action to respond much, much more rapidly and shake itself loose from the old, slow, plodding along with heavy academic inertia that's been "the way it's always been done" throughout the entire 20th century..... because the 21st century has only begun to throw medical curveballs at humanity.

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