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Re: Morgellons - My Journey by WantToLiveABitBetter ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   2/2/2021 2:51:24 PM ( 25 months ago ago)
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Hi. I found ozone worked really well too. I had the issue with the laundry, people Iounge, floors, bed room. I would hot wash and hot dry the clothes so long, before it would kill.tjrm, it was ridiculous and wrecked the cloths, but nothing else worked (plus changing laundry detergent to something them font crawl into, seriously, they like various smells). But, ozone worked, but it seems they have grown resistant over time, requiring more time. 3 hours seemed to work, now I am doing 6 hours. The trick is, the various parasites hold their breath, some for well over a day underwater and at a temperate). I forget wherever some are 27 or 37 hours. So, I'm doing well in that way. Ozone is also a solvent, so maybe it gets in there and they breath, I don't know. So, the gas in poisonous, and used in high concentration, it van kill your pets neighbours and their pets, if it leaks into the next dwelling (my rooms are sealed around the wall joins and doors, so I can do a room while in the next room). It's also mildly toxic, but people will start coughing, and coughing more and more until you can't breath so well. Otherwise, it is a solvent that can get to you or things that way, rust things, cause rubber things to fall apart in minutes, and cloths that fall apart as you put them on (I made a sealed cloths box with an external unit pumping it in and out of the box, it bleaches even polyester, and i can't have cotton near it). I have a very powerful unit for sterilisation of books a room full at a time.

I make my own Colloidal Silver (which is often mostly smaller ionic silver) with important ultra purified water. This knocks and kills the parasite side, but because these solutions are very delicate and unstable, they are easy to deteriorate the ionic silver into bigger less effective particles (light, electric fields, temperate changes and vibration, are some of the things, plus the pure amount of solids in drinking water). I can get a few days till a few weeks out of it before they can tolerate it, depending in how well I made and maintain it. The things need moisture, so they suck up the wet silver water, even through their joints into their bodies, where the bacteria lives and helps them (often parasites depend on the bacteria to survive). Once it dries they are not much affected. Useful as a mouth, eye and ear wash that gets them to release.

With the ozone generator and silver water, I would be able to keep it at bay, except it's internal, do keeps reinfecting the place. Plus drinking the silver water doesn't really work, and promotes parasites to spread it through your body, which every other non effective treatment can also push them to, and build resistance.

On skin, I can use isopropyl alcohol 90% on my skin, and denatured alcohol based hand sanitizer with acetylene related chemicals (they hate those) as a skin rub.

Salt/vinegar water on skin to discuss diswade external movement. Epson salt combinations, and soaks, with combinations with peroxide, are things you can find in a 2015 pdf document on either a lymes or morgellons association website (can't remember from the associated brain damage). But useful summary of information there.

Internally I'm doing the ICU protocol for morgellons he put up here, and most of the supportive nutrients. It consists of high dosage dewormers and Antibiotic for a long time. But, if they are resistant (through inadequate prior attempts, etc) or it's not working well without the immune boosting nutrients described with the protocol. With me, it works somewhat because of resistance. So, I went back to an accidental treatment I did unawares years back, where I improved until I was told, I had too high salt. Afterwards I went back down hill, until the latest issue. That was Himalayan rock salt and vitamin C. There is a protocol at lymes photos with simple salt, but it is like 6 years of lots of it per day. A newer protocol uses Himalayan rock salt, and a number of other things, for quicker results, up to 2 years I think, instead of 6 years, and faster short term results. I'm looking at concentrating on that after the ICU protocol (if it's not succeeding completely). At the moment, I think it's intermittent use (to avoid conflict with the ICU protocol) is helping a lot. I'm using virgin coconut oil as an internal antibiotic. Olive leaf extract I think helped, until my immune response from it got tapped out, and been off it for weeks and just started again (vitamin C and Olive leaf seems to help with immune slot, apart from cofactors and nicotinamide riboside to boost ATP cycle).

I am uncertain, but found Lan Choo blend of black tea seemed to suppress things in relation to parasites, but I din't know here. But tea is a chelator, as is vitamin C, so both could be taking away from the treatment protocol potency. The Himalayan rock salt has over 86 minerals, which could also reduce protocol effectiveness. Very hard to space everything to stop this, like more than 2 hours before the next size, but as close as possible. Between vitamin C and the rock salt, vitamin C, that's probably chemically complementary, except for the runs. :(

Bicarbonate soda seems to reduce parasites activity, it is something supposedly helps with bacteria, and it (and vitamin C) help with toxcitity of die off of pathogens/parasites, but bicarbonate soda can neutralise treatments, also, too much bicarbonate soda is bad. It can induce high acid. Anyway, there are protocols out there for that, which are too high dose for me.

I'm trying some hydrogen peroxide with silver in water. I can't get the manufactured stuff here, so made some of my own with the higher grade ingredients required. Normal coloidal silver internally, like many things, is says not to work effectively, and may spread them. However the peroxide version very diluted, is said to have a much better efficacy against bacteria etc. Hopefully so in the body. The cysts the bacteria/worms/parasites hide in, block chemical stacks on them, but these must pass water etc, do hopefully this might work, as it is oxygen producing water and near atom sized silver, which hopefully can pass through with the water.

So. I find Pyrethrum medical cream is useful on sounds from reinfestation, as things go down. The ivermectin vis another one.

People go chasing this around your house, but the neamatodes )micro works) that carry this and other parasites can get out, and on your bed and into any hole including mouth, to complete their life cycle through the gut. So,that peperine like substance used in insect repellents, like one of the Aerogards that uses it, lasts for around 3 or do hours, so not enough for a good sleep while they march in there. The trigger pack version seems to last longest. Probably because of the concentration on the skin, and I find it doesn't irritate my skin like the aerosol one. So, I dud try Vick vapour rub on the skin, at the entries, and not too close to the eyes, keeping up the silver water in the eyes nasal flush, north, and ears. Still, around 4 hours and they march through. So, tried wider spread, and thar helped a or, and was effective longer. They will flick towards your breath or other smelly place. Which makes them hard to get a picture of, apart from the small size. By spreading the vapour rub, they get beyond their aiming distance and their is much more vapour rub distance to travel. I wake up in the mornings with some stuck in it under my chin. And others have worked their way up, to breed more resistance. Another thing is to spray the trigger liquids pepperine like aerogard after silver, around the head and neck, then put the vicks vapour rub on. A real hassle fur something which doesn't work completely, even though you need something which dues instead. I haven't tried making silver gel for this, but I have bought some pepperine to make my own silver spray. However. Trapping and killing them downstairs is the solution. Seems that only bred up less trappable ones, and all solutions do far, are temporary. Hopefully, I can get an effective solution. Because it's just going take longer to get round of them with the protocol, if they keep re-entering.

I spread the hand sanitizer they don't like above over my scalp and hair when going to bed and when leaving in the morning (please note. The isopropyl alcohol in some, is much easier to get poisoned with, when having too much plus the one I use uses denatured alcohol which is supposed to be less toxic again maybe? So, one can do themsselved harm and put oneself over the legal limit, by using too much). It's simply too much to do my body everyday

Now, here is the rub, doing my head, as above, I find they try to go for the limbs instead, like the part of the limb resting on the mattress.

They like smells. Even if they don't like it at first. When the smell become tolerable, it attracts them. Putting stuff on your walks, and then seeing them infest the paint work, is something I've heard many times. I've put on insect repellents, only to find they target that area after it wears off. They like various soap smells to, detergents etc. I wish I knew what they hated. My current laundry powder they don't see attracted too, which just means less issues. Rather than them evading the laundry. This also means toothpaste can attract,and I found one mouth wash which caused them to let go, but by morning they were very attracted (I used a water solution with fine Himalayan rock salt diluted in water to scrub my teeth with. Doesn't stop them long term. They also nest I'm the bottom of the gum/cheek cavity, so now run my tooth brush over that gently too.

The maybe like chocolate. I don't kno if this works yet. But with the ICU protocol, I'm starting to use the dark chocolate as the fat content to have with my tablet, and coconut oil, hoping they will get more of the dewormer with the chocolate etc.

I use a version of low scent baby bath they don't seem too attracted too. Din't know which ones are like that in other countries. I use some sort of mitt to knock loose roimg ones off the skin, but here's the rub. They sit in the shower recess, you can feel them, and have to be forced splashed into the drain, but how much of this is skin from the bacteria snd neamatodes, and how much is parasites (some do try to reinsert themselves). Knocking off the crests of the bacterial infection and spreading it around, can spread the bacteria infection. I haven't finished experimenting. But starting to go light on the pressure there, not to interfere with the skin surface, to see what comes off and private if things improve. My external skin is 99% better, internally maybe 90% better, but how can I tell?

Some personal history:

I had the lymes like disease, called tick born disease over here, if the competent doctor doesn't want to be deregistered. At the moment, they peculiarly, all have their books closed if they think it's lymes like disease.

I then got more parasites from unexpected exposure from sources, which feed on the bacteria and other parasites, and spread the bacteria.

Morgellons is thought by some, to be a form of lymes like disease. So, maybe it's something a bit different, maybe it just affects people that way.


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