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4.5 Month Update: Probable Plasticized Liver Stone by Comedianoob ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/27/2021 8:37:32 AM ( 27 months ago ago)
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2021 Feb 26

Current state:
I believe my liver has many hardened or plasticized stones that resist flushes, severely inhibit bile secretion, and interfere with normal liver functions like hormone regulation. I am scared that they cannot be removed as I have tried many home-remedy liver prescriptions: gold coin grass, chanca piedra, a dozen flushes, exercise, Chinese bitters, and ox bile; as well a host of other natural supplements like milk thistle, Choline, dandelion grass, turmeric, etc. My only sliver of hope is to continue all I have learned in case they can slowly be eroded away.

2 Valuable Lessons:
I discovered the importance of bitter vegetables. They seem to help decongest the liver and encourage bile secretion. It makes sense they'd be useful because the Chinese bitters Julia Chang promotes operate on a similar premise: the liver's detoxification process is triggered by the presence of bitter entities in the digestive system. Anecdotally, I feel good when I eat many bitter vegetables, especially broccoli, but also collard greens, chard, kale, and the like; if it resembles a dark green leaf, it will probably benefit the liver in my experience.
I also believe exercise is useful to bile secretion for three reasons: 1) Julia Chang claims it promotes stagnant blood to flow out of the liver especially after each nights filtration process (which is why morning exercise is probably superior to evening), 2) It helps me lose body fat when starvation doesn't, and 3) My poops are more solid, which is supposed to be a sign of strong bile flow because the slipperiness causes intestinal waste to compact in the colon better.

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