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Re: 4.5 Month Update: Probable Plasticized Liver Stone by WhoAreYouNormally ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/27/2021 6:32:01 PM ( 27 months ago ago)
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Few ideas:

If you do well on bitter foods it can mean you are pitta or possibly kapha constitution.

Vata will have a natural aversion to bitters.

Of the foods you mentioned, they aren't really bitter per se. Dandelion greens and artichoke are good bitter herbs to take along with the herbs you have mentioned.

If you are of pitta or kapha constitution then reducing red meat and saturated fats (with the exception of ghee or coconut) can also help in addition to the bitters, as well as reducing salt intake.

Bile solubility is also temperature related. Low body temperature, which also indicates hypothyroid syndrom,e can play a role. Pitta congestion of the liver is related to too much heat, whereas vata congestion is related to too little heat. Both of these opposite causes put you in the same spot but the path out is very different.

You can add in castor oil packs over the liver area to your regimen.

If your body temperature is low you can also try a heating pad over the liver area to see if this helps.

How many Liver Flushes did you try so far that resulted in this pain sensation?

Are you taking magnesium regularly? Magnesium glycinate is preferred.

Have you tried a good quality lecithin supplement?

You might want to look into targeting parasites in the liver, ie flukes, with some antiparasitics and see what happens.


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