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Re: 3 Months of face worms, parasites- thank you to this forum... by tempuser3 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/19/2021 12:13:47 AM ( 27 months ago ago)
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Similar to what I've experienced...... herbals pretty much are of little help and almost always result in scattering / dissemination / larval migrans with the exception of pumpkin seeds for intestinal worms only, but pumpkin seeds were only of low level effectiveness and only some of the time. I'm convinced that meds are the only truly effective way to go, but unfortunately so many of the creatures that infect humans this day and age have acquired varying resistance to most of the common anti-helminth drugs, some strains have become completely resistant.
Most of the common meds are pretty safe to take, however certain meds against certain types of worms are strongly counterindicated and can cause very bad things to happen.... just be sure to read all information available about each med against each suspected worm type/species and don't attempt the known "prohibited" combinations. The medical data on those is well known, and about the only thing the published data and medical papers have got wrong is the notion that single or just a few short duration courses or low dosings can eradicate an infection. That part might have been true when the info was originally researched 30, 40, 50 years ago but is no longer true especially for heavy or complex infections. The parasite worms have had decades to evolve against these meds, and the efficacy of the meds has long since been diminished. Worms have been on this planet for hundreds of millions of years and have evolved to survive..... that's what they do, simply put.
And they don't need millenia to evolve against any chemical that kills them, some of them can develop resistance in as little as two generations of offspring, and with a reproductive cycle measured as short as a couple weeks, they can adapt quickly to a changing environment. The CDC has a paper where that's called "adaptive phenotypic plasticity" which is a fancy scientific way of saying they adapt and overcome..... like Marines.

Look up MattK3's articles here on these forums. They are a wealth of accumulated useful info, his writings may be a bit difficult to decipher sometimes, but the knowledge there is invaluable.

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