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Beel-zebul prince of demon parasites by TheTruthHurts777 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   4/12/2021 9:54:08 AM ( 13 months ago ago)
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I urge all to study more its very interesting and very ancient knowledge hidden from humanity. I do much research on ancient literature and will do more so of it now. a very good reading is also found in the gospel of the essene gospel of peace found here reading these two will bring a lot of light to the subject in an esoteric sort of way. this is my take on the Garden of Life and the Fall of man.

its pretty simple they/we humans were created by Annunaki perhaps some say, or in any event a very powerful beautiful type of Creator God as there are indeed Many I prefer to worship Shiva (look up the allora temples) but I'm sure Gods are infinite in all their glory honor and power and all their names that are Good ones. The bad ones are pretty obvious and treterous (aztec mayans) and control the world today-through parasites and other spiritual parasitic things as well as I do believe in the Cabal / illuminati - jesuit order thing for sure. those are destined to fall as described in the bible in revelations but the battle has only begun I suppose or it never ended. its too deep to really put into words. anyway as legend tells of it Adam and eve were told all in the garden was to Eat except one thing - not the apple ; flesh. flesh of man and beast. and when the snake came (a snake like demon entity spoke about in the Zohar known as Samuel / Lilith she is depicted with snakes (worms) about her wrapping themselves onto man and bringing them down into the abyss of agony and sins (strange afflictions, perversions, pedophilia, beastiality, torture which is ever present in the world still today and even back in bible times thusly sodom and gommorah) so eve followed the demons persistence and must have killed an animal in cold blood eaten its body and the worms infected her, there upon infecting all those who follow the consumption of meat and ancient teachings of demons (blood sacrifice and eating flesh).also if you study her children the Cain seed as they say it in ancient texts The Evil Ones where the Cabal say they are blood lined from. many can argue this point but I believe it true a perfect body and health can be found in the right diet of fruits seeds nuts and greens that are organic like Jesus states in his true teachings keeping the body at a high vibration level of doing magical works as he and his people were renowned to do. (healings, astral projection, angel contact, entheogens, alchemies, sciences, maths etc) many christians are sorely confused about Jesus because the Catholic Church I believe is secretly and now openly demonic in many ways and forms and is infiltrated by the illuminati satanic cult which would explain all the pedo , baby skeletons , orphanages child trafficking etc) even go on to be eaters of babies which is also found in ancient texts and is still ever present in Hollywood today as we speak . eating of babies is mentioned in the bhagavagita as Rakshasa who they say are in power in politics today- demons in human form.

so the devil comes in many forms especially in that in parasites of the body mind and soul. making man insane from eating flesh which causes insanity if you eat human flesh which Hollywood is now openly promoting with their spirit cooking and canabal clubs and probably would reasonably be noted animals as well in a lesser form. what really eats flesh are found within the body- the nests of worms as Jesus has so delivered people from their demons- the worms in their body through fasting - prayer- medicines and enemas. and what demons eat literally is fear and suffering from a beings astral body which is part of satanic cult ritual . im happy to share my intel with my spiritual awakenings and im sure there are many sides to everyones understanding but my knowledge I've discovered from ancient texts and doing enough research anyone can find out more looking up the afore mentioned subjects. it is heavy and perhaps hard to understand for some but for those who are interested that's a good start. I enjoy going to and searching "pedo wood" or "satanic Hollywood" and watching any number of those will really reveal the heavy satanic influence and power in the world today including our presidents who are versed and initiated into Skull and Bones satanic cult since children. I find it fascinating not to spread fear but understanding I do enjoy Alex jones take on the whole thing as of late sure does make sense and everyone thought he was crazy seems he's not. its all coming to pass as biblical prophesies has foretold. stay in the light and keep the light within there is always hope and one small candle in the dark does light up a room. Blessings and happy reading.

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