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Head Full Off Worms WORMS IN THROAT/NECK/BRAIN SOLUTIONS?? by TheTruthHurts777 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/28/2021 8:34:15 PM ( 29 months ago ago)
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I Have some kind of round worm I suppose that invaded my headed totally and complexly ive known it for a long time. lately its becoming so much worse every full moon now about every month almost I the extreme throat cough sickness where they lay their eggs im assuming in my throat area down my neck. In the pockets of my glands and such, its very annoying how can I kill and corral them out of this area because it causes me to lose work I can't go in coughing and choking people think im "sick" but really its just my own parasites. UGH!!!!!!! so frustrating!! any ideas?????!!!!!!

its all my larynx area so I need to cure this habitation space asap because its a very important areas- my throat, speaking, breathing. now it seems I cough up their little sacks of globules and micro maggots its so frsutrating BETWEEEN the pallet of the roof of my mouth back of my throat and in-between areas filled with worms. so annoying God Help US this is a constant battle for me once their in there established.... what do I do ? this isn't fair ! XD BRAINWORMZ

I did order the full round Humaworm 2 days ago do you think it will help the spegetti in the head? how can I reach and kill and clean this part of my body ???? Very important. I will get liquid ivermectin with dmso and rub it in and also take some ....? this is too much??? ruining my life. halp.

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