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Re: Fenbendazole for Morgellons by DaisyFarm ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   8/12/2021 11:27:32 PM ( 22 months ago ago)
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Yes there is. I will give you the protocol my physician has me on:
1 g fenbendazole (10 pound dog) Safeguard or Panacur only (my doctor only trusts the Merck brands). 4 days on, 3 off
100 mg doxycycline twice daily
(Note: when I asked about HCQ, she said what I was on was similar, so my Covid risk should be negligible, a bonus.)

The fenbendazole helps the fibers release, the Antibiotic helps the pain.

Still, it was tons of work. Hours and hours and hours. Albolene, oil based, was the best topical. I use 3 tweezers, fine, blunt and slant with magnification and extra lighting. Sweeping to remove hairs, then also massaging in and removing debris.

Working, but very slow. Going up orally on the fenbenzole caused breakouts and scabbing, and was painful..Because such a thick morgellons layer was on the skin, and the dying part was trapped under.

So, I asked for and tried getting an Ivermectin cream. $700-$800. Then I asked for and got my physicians blessing to mix my own.

1/3 jar Albolene
1g packet fenbendazole
A couple pumps Le Mieux O2 calming gel ( to help the fenbendazole dissolve (could probably substitute an aloe gel)
Blend using a mini food processor.

I use it very generously on my skin. Still slow but much faster. With just the Albolene, it was like: massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, ok, thereís a removal. Now itís massage, remove, massage, removeÖit still sequences the removal, probably due to the way itís all intertwined in the fibers. Thereís the black fuzz, crystals, hairs, and things that look like long tan/black whiskers embedded, etc. Do not be shocked at what comes out but know at that point it is quite dead, harmless, and be thankful it is gone. This stuff is very stubborn and still needs to be removed, an impossibility without the help of medication. It was very painful trying to remove this with blunt force. My current process is fairly painless, if a bit boring and tedious, so I listen to a lot of podcasts.

This is the best protocol I have. I am sure there are variants in this disease, and hopefully one day will be a better cure. But this helps. I donít wear bandaids anymore to hide the craters on my face, or get asked about my skin. It looks now like maybe I had a bit of acne, so no one asks. In any case, I pass for human now, and am progressing much faster.

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