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please help by WisdomHealer ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/17/2021 4:25:08 PM ( 77 days ago ago)
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Hi Birdman, I know your posts were a decade ago. But my hope and prayer is that this will STILL make it to you. Iím extremely desperate trying to recover from a decade a debilitating illness that continues to result with a similar outcome: another removal of one of my organs. Iíve come a incredibly LONG way in my recovery after leaving the western world and going it alone with God. But this is a issue I just cannot seem to get on top of! Yet I feel confident itís the root of everything! Did you ever resolve this?? And how? Iím praying you respond. Iím just so desperate-seems like everything I give these guys angers them / increases my suffering exponentially. YET without it I quickly experience a quick regress in health Protocols I have tackled: (different times) ē MMS ē Black Walnut + W.Wood + Bentonite Clay ē Alfalfa Baths w St Johns Wart ē Varying Parasitic Supplements ē Pure Turpentine ē Coffee ememeas (huge relief in gutÖ.. but made them spread to other areas of body moreso) ē Fenbendazole (ramped up suffering of these skin parasites exponentially) ē Ivermectin Iím sure Iím missing some. But thatís the gist. I DID have a massive stealth infection for decades under my root canal. I believe this is what perpetuated there spread mixed with constant steroids decades ago Dental infection cleared by a Biologic Oral Surgeon 2 weeks ago Ever since the purging of these parasitic worms through my skin have exponentially increased. Iím extremely overwhelmed Please help -someone??!

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