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Re: Please help me! by Rosecross ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/10/2022 1:49:52 PM ( 21 months ago ago)
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process? These enzymes will dissolve tapeworms. If they are scattered/ nesting in different parts of the body, you ll have to build up your body so your immune system intuitively starts breaking down foreign pathogens.

I wrote down symptoms and results of my experimenting until it I figured out the combo that works for me. I had at least one ugly Tapeworm and wads of flukes and roundworms mostly all in my liver. I use barefoot herbalist and humaworm with really good results. Until I found those herbs, I used coffee enemas and my liver purged parasites and gunk effectively. I tried Turpentine but could not stomach the castor oil. I love Turpentine as a topical.

I could not get any western medicine trained doctors to assist. It was clear each visit I knew much more that they did and the lab results all inaccurate eg. even though I put a worm in the stool vial.

Ignorance is bliss, I remember being shattered emotionally after realizing we are all filled with works unless we are actively removing them. My comfort came in knowing God showed me a way to take care of myself. Now husband and I regularly deworm for good health. Feel free to message direct if you want to chat in more detail on my experiences and excitements. I spent thousands of dollars and hours of research and will happily share to help others to avoid delayed treatment and save some $$

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