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Re: Please help me! by KJKI86 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/13/2022 3:57:04 AM ( 9 months ago ago)
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Thank you so much for your response!!! My husband and I got lucky (aside from the loads of bills headed our way) but he went to er after an alternative health dr emailed me back to go to a dr that we could die and to ASAP. Well were not going to die yet the ER doctor took my husband seriously and he also could see Tapeworm blockage on ct scan! And a local dr I saw followed suite and treated myself and my dad ! And we all have another dose for two weeks from now I am going to continue follow up every two weeks and I may need to message you to find out more on doing this , obviously its not going to be with the praziquantel after this next dose. Im nervous about having taken that but its been a huge relief and we were desperate! I am amazed (the medicine was very intense Ive been in what felt like early labor for 3 days) but Im shocked at the minor symptoms that I didnt really connect with this all gone! We did not get a definitive answer to what breed of Tapeworm because neither dr wanted to wait on relief for labs but my blood work is looking hopeful for no other damage and I feel like a whole new person! You are so correct about western medicine and we were so lucky to have these drs hear us bc many did not and we wasted a lot of money on them. My dr said this was something he never expected to deal with and I would probably be the only time hed deal with it, I hope thats true but Im at least glad He heard me and now he has some experience with it. I appreciate you so much to be in that situation and feel like you are alone trying to figure out how to take care of your family and things just getting worse and worse and hope of help getting dimmer you have been a true light in the dark thank you so much my family is so thankful to you!

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