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Re: Please help me! by Patcholi1961 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/14/2022 10:31:23 PM ( 7 months ago ago)
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This sounds a lot like what I have going on. Which is not supposed to happen in living human beings.

Tinea Pellionella (case-making clothes moth) larvae.

I know what I have because they are in my apartment and one went up my nose while vacuuming.

These things mimic every illness going.

One day looked like oral cancer. One day two nipples on right breast. Psoriasis. Acné. Black heads. White heads. Urinary or fecal incontinence. Chest pain. Sinus pain. Cavities. Callouses. Also have coughed up foam like a drowning man. Sometimes my calves and feet swell to twice normal size. Mimics kidney troubles. And the "sty" in the eye. And skin looking sunburned.

Depending on where a crazy amount of pain. 17/10.
The "rash" on your skin looks like mine. As far as the parasite it has many forms and colors depending on how old is and where it feeds.

Tell me. With your nose and ears do you still have nose hair or ear hair? And has your nasal discharge been clear and caustic?

And elastic? Sometimes hanging 8" long.

Recently what I have found that really helps is unsweetened pineapple, juice or fruit apparently the bromalain destroys something in their structure. I also do turmeric tea. 1 heaping tablespoon to 1 mug of boiling water. Recent development from this week. Conclusive.

I also use tobacco tea on my skin sometimes combined with the turmeric tea and pineapple juice to draw them out.

They are Sugar fiends so zero added Sugar or I get attacked.

They hate garlic and cloves and lavender. And Vicks vaporub which is how I shut them down so that I can sleep.

I own a really good zapper and I would be happy to share details with you off-forum. I am not sure if posting about various brands is prohibited and am too tired to verify the rules.

By the way I am a chartered herbalist and was in perfect shape before this hit ran 4 miles every morning. Vegetarian. Organic before either were trending.
I hope that any of this helps.

BTW I forgot to mention something which I figured out a couple of weeks ago.

CRITICAL FOR ALL: The things breed like mad in the presence of wifi. During a power outage they left me alone. Once the router booted they went right back at it. It feels like this parasite is bioterrorism.

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