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Re: 7 Warning Signs of a SALT Deficiency by #69242 ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   8/29/2022 2:23:43 PM ( 14 months ago ago)
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No one more credible about salt--than the late Dr. John R. Christopher

He lived near the best salt mineral mine in the USA--REDMOND and he preached NO SALT, get rid of that salt shaker from the kitchen---mostly because the commercial foods are loaded with salt, so he believed all sick people have too much salt, which destroys the Potassium and be 100% believed he could cure cancers with NO SALT and Potassium rich fruits.

In the factory-----100+ degree temperatures, people sweat allot-----factories use to have SALT TABLETS, you suck on them and you stop sweating. One day the gov walked in and took all the salt tablets and the free aspirin/caffeine tablets, but still permitted the company to pay 3 women 24/7 to keep 2 giant pots of FREE COFFEE, so death by coffee was still permitted and 1% of the people dropped dead with coffee mugs in their hands as their adrenal glands busted and they fell dead before their body could hit the ground.

"FASTING" often proves or disproves theories...........and pH paper should prove "all" over time, it proves CORRECT DIET---bad diet forces the acidic stomach, advanced aging and destruction of the intestines and low calcium/pro heart disease diet---also commonly known as the mixed diet/grains/meats.

"IF" 1 was to be salt deficient then surely they would go critical while ORANGE JUICE FASTING the Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. Way---which was also anti-salt almost 100 years ago..

Orange Juice Fasting can increase the Red Blood Cells 5x within 14 days according to Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson wrote that 21 days he got a new heart---not a repaired heart and between 21-40 days, you not only get a new liver, you get new skin---the old acidic/dead skin peels off as you grow new skin.

SALT has human history---people use to eat children to get salts-----(they probably still do.)
Some MONK history suggest you can live on salt alone---(I doubt that is true, but ya never know what healthy people can do)

While orange juice fasting for 40 days-----take a pinch of salt on your tongue..........."IF" your salt deficient that surely should not only taste great--it should make you FEEL GREAT------------do not be surprised if that pinch of salt minerals does not make your blood freak out and cause feelings through out the brain and body that convinces you to never take salt while fasting again----------PERHAPS the orange juice causes the blood to become very alkaline and when taking a pinch of salt----the blood becomes too alkaline and then goes into "shock" as it attempts to balance and expel that salt from the body.

Those folks that have trouble sleeping, the ones that places a machine on their face, etc.....wake up through out the night choking, etc........TRY THIS, at bedtime, drink a glass of distilled water with a pinch of REDMOND or any natural mineral rich salt---------it can make for better breathing as you sleep---because so many eat so badly that their acidic body is eating up their cells-----the LUNGS are so tender, that when you lay down to go to sleep, the body has less ability to stay alkaline and as the blood becomes over whelmed with acids, the LUNGS will deliberately develop what people call cholesterol as a self-protect from the acidic blood harming the lung tissues......once a human gets up out of bed---they feel and breath better............SICK PEOPLE laying in bed only make them selves WORSE.

Salt is a simple subject---if you lack it, you will find a food that has plenty of it....if you don't need salt, you will never think about salt.

I GREW UP where Dad and Mom sprinkled salt on water melon, muskmelon, popcorn, all the cooked and raw foods---that salt shaker was used daily. Once I read Dr. John R. Christopher's books/videos, we pitched the salt shaker and we eat enough commercial foods that surely we still get too much salt---------ONCE I understood the SALT / POTASSIUM theory of Dr. Christopher where he said ALL PEOPLE are pro salt and no potassium, which leads to cancers------I took the DATA LABS (Chicago) test and sure enough my test came back all salt, no potassium which their computers considered "normal" in 50 countries for any male my age.......SO we pitched the salt, consumed some potassium rich fruits as suggested by Dr. John R. Christopher history and sure enough, next test showed low salt and high potassium......

Some cancerous people not only desire to wear sweaters/pants in the summer months as they are always cold-----they have been known to literally find ANIMAL SALT BLOCKS and eat them. They crave they die.

SALT is very hard on the KIDNEYS and Kidney health is EVERYTHING---the foundation of living.

Should cause no harm-----because people self-experimenting with salt---will quickly loose the desire when they have too much salt......YOU CAN NOT force yourself to eat/drink too much salt, because you will become sick and the brain learns to STOP what makes it sick.

ALKALINITY will burn human tissues just as badly as acids-----too much of either = sickness.

SALT never is true alkalinity, it will always create a FALSE TEST

TRUE ALKALINITY results from a healthy stomach that is ulcer free and never has food inside it more than 10-15 minutes at a time...........ALL BAD FOODS stay in the stomach for HOURS----cheese being the longest. SO cheese is popular at parties, because it fills a person up--due to staying in the stomach too long.


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