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Re: kitties and puppies by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   10/3/2022 12:11:08 PM ( 5 months ago ago)
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Me a mason/democrat?

100% of your BS posted online is 100% masonic/satanic garbage fairy tales. It is very easy to identify a satanist/mason: they promote the ancient sun worship religion, also know as: heliocentrism from which stems the other extremist religion called the 'germ' theory of 'dis-ease'. Both religions based on total lies, based on total inversions of reality... that is what satanists/masons do: invert reality.

Nice try though, a real mason trying to call a non-mason a mason. ahhahahahahha

Yet, you still can't give ONE moral and or ethical and or logical and or rational and or unselfish reason to force new innocent souls against their will, without their will/permission into a dimension of a lifelong of: misery, suffering, struggling, taxes, ‘insurances’, bills, rent, forced draft if you are a male, regulations, usury, famine, hunger, bullying, greed, toil, betrayals, confrontations, struggling, pressure, ‘targets’ to achieve, violence, decadence, despair, anxiety, persecutions, tribulations, mental/physical torture, slavery, kidnappings, gaslighting, poverty, terrorism, nepotism, humiliation, oppression, decay, genocides, democides, extortion, terror, exploitation, discrimination, abuse, terrorists wearing uniforms-badges/white coats-stethoscopes/suits-ties pretending to be your gods/saviours/friends, pain, birth defects, rejection, conflict, hate, imperialism, racism, envy, jealousy, brutality, crime, corruption, cancers/diseases/physical/mental degeneration caused by the poisoned air/food/water and finally DEATH.

This vile, diabolical, evil act is NOT the solution/remedy/cure for your personal problems/issues such as: boredom, poverty, selfishness, loneliness, irresponsibility, hope syndrome complex, hopium addiction, low IQ, megalomania, shallowness, emptiness, vanity, drama queen/king complex syndrome, hero complex syndrome, God complex syndrome, narcissism, virtue signalling syndrome, ignorance, arrogance, entitlement complex syndrome, needing a retirement plan. Stop being a sadist, sadomasochist and find a more useful/constructive hobby.

P.S. Everything I post is 100% facts, easily verifiable by the lowest common denominators just by taking a half-good look around.


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