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Re: Epididymal Cyst Remedies by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/27/2022 7:51:29 AM ( 7 months ago ago)
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Survive for what ?.. food shortages , sanctions and all the other BS.

Why? Why do people always think everything is about ‘love’ and puppies and sunshine. Why do they always choose to believe in lies they tell themselves instead of looking at the reality of this place?

In the past people used to have 10 or more kids. They did it because, among other reasons, they needed a workforce for the farm and someone to take care of them when old.

People prefer to think it was about ‘love’ and having a big ‘happy’ ‘family’. How can it be ‘happy’ when they had to begin working pretty early to have enough money for food. How is starvation ‘happiness’.

But let's not forget the main reason. The work force. Most ‘men’ (i.e. simps/manginas/cucks) think they have a woman destined for them. They think they are so f**king special that the universe prepared a woman specially for them.

They all want to believe the stupid fairy tale of eternal ‘love’ and destined for each other. Funny enough, the famous phrase ‘get a life’ is about getting married. That is ‘getting a life’ for them the normie NPCs. They think in the past everything was about ‘love’ and everything was perfect in regard to relationshits. It wasn't at all. But better to believe in lies and delusions than looking at things the way they really are.

When looking at ‘nature’. Oh the beauty of ‘nature’ but, do not pay attention to bambi being torn to pieces ALIVE by mr lion. No no. Let's ignore that. It is about ‘love’ and beauty and the perfect creation of a perfectly stupid/sadist/self-contradictory/evil/genocidal/diabolical/violent/brutal/merciless/unforgiving/jealous god. It is about life surviving no matter what, no matter the circumstances. ‘Love’ will prevail... F-ing morons.

Let's not forget to slave away our lives, I mean ‘work’. Work, aka being a slave dignifies man. Yeah right. Look at that hard working man, breaking his back for his unappreciative ‘family’. He deserves a medal and a parade and probably a wheel chair by the time he is finished. Being a slave, I mean ‘work’ makes you ‘special’. Work hard people. 20 hr a day 7 days a week and you will be ‘special’.

This place is utterly stupid full of delusional breediot moronic imbeciles.

How is it that the president can "predict" ‘food shortages’. It's all part of their sadistic plans. This world is so corrupt. I really don't see what people think they are birthing their children into?!?!?! My nonexistent children are way too precious for this ghetto atrocity called the world.

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