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Re: The "selfish" by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/6/2022 7:27:02 PM ( 3 months ago ago)
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The problem is that everyone has a bias against preventionism. The religious hate it because it conflicts with their religion, NPC-breediots hate it because it would include them admitting they made a mistake, wanna be NPC-breediot-parents hate it because they want to have children (obviously) and the rest just hate it because everyone else does.

The most immoral thing anyone can do is create death via breeding. NO one wants to deteriorate and NO one wants to face their own death. But breeders FORCED their offspring into a Death Trap. There is Nothing more harmful, hateful and immoral than that.

I cannot take seriously any morality that isn't at odds with procreation.

NPC-normies who want kids be like: The world is a horrible, disgusting, oppressive place!

Also, NPC-normies who want kids be like: I hope to force at least 7- 20 kids (against their will, without their permission/consent) one day into this horrible/disgusting/oppressive place!

I think it's funny that NPC-breediots are aware and EXPERIENCE daily of the f**k-ups of this dimension, yet are content with keeping their little accidents and I say accidents because let's be real here, most pregnancies are not planned at all and the ‘planned’ ones are planned by women to trap the man and or divorce rape the man and or get government welfare/benefits. It is really that simple and DIABOLICAL.

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