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Re: liver flush at the end of MC?? by 11211cleanse ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   12/8/2005 9:20:03 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am doing a Liver Flush immediately after the MC, actually starting it tomorrow. I've done some research on it and found one other woman's experience. It goes as follows:

I just completed a 15 day Master Cleanse (MC) and decided to try a Clarke Liver Flush on my 1st day off the Cleanse. I suffer from occasional painful attacks just under the bridge of my rib cage and Iíve wanted to try the Liver Flush since finishing my first 20 day Master-Cleanse back in March. I've had an endoscopy and colonoscopy, but my GI guy could never tell me what that constant pressure behind the bridge of my ribcage was. He would only prescribe medicines that never worked.

Since the cleanse calls for Grapefruit Juice on the day after completion, I drank Grapefruit Juice until 2PM and then fasted until I began the Epsom Salts and Water mixture before the Olive-Oil and Grapefruit Shake at bedtime (I actually liked it!). My instructions said to take the Grapefruit/Olive Oil and lie still on your back for 20 minutes, which I did. It then said go to sleep. I had the urge to ďuse the toiletĒ while I was lying still and even more as I was trying to get to sleep, I finally got up at 1:45AM and used the toilet just to get to sleep and I wasnít sure if I should have tried to hold it and stay in bed.

I set the alarm for 7AM and got up to take the 3rd dose of ES and went back to sleep. I was awakened by an urge to use the toilet at 8:30AM and passed some solid material that looked like bowel movements (light brown in color) about the size of wine corks that floated on the top of the water. There were also floating brown specks or flakes in the water and some of these suckers were ALIVE! The water was still, but some of the flakes were whizzing around the bowl like speedboats. What the heck were those things??

I took the last dose of ES about 9:15AM and shortly thereafter had a full blown attack with cramping and shooting pains under the bridge of my rib cage. I paced the hallway outside the bathroom before passing more of the corks, flakes and pea sized brown and tan objects. After passing those objects, the pressure Iíve felt under the bridge of my rib cage was GONE! The cramping and pain were also gone. I felt REALLY GREAT!

Now, I know that none of the material I passed is what you would consider a stone, as they were far from being hard, but I hadnít passed anything close to a solid for over the past 10 days while I was on the Cleanse, so I know this material had to originate somewhere else in my body. Whatever it wasÖIím glad itís out!

P.S. The Epsom Salt mixture is a walk in the park after 15 days of the SWF!!


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