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Re: No by beetlejuice ..... Divorce Discussion & Support Forum

Date:   11/21/2004 2:49:51 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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very well said ptree, only if they let you though?
of course they are not going to let you. thats part of the "game". love your neighbor as thyself. i was just saying she will throw a a pretty good fight. things mitght get really bad before they get better or she might just need a little love. if she needs a lot of love be ready for a holy war. you cant hate her though even when she starts to mix truth with lies and try to demoralize you and degrade you. just understand that. thats what happend to her and now shes doing unto you as what was done to her. she has no living life because someone took it away form her and now shes doing the same thing. its a battle between spirits. but even if you get upset at somehting the war is not over. just dont hold on to it. and it will pass.

i can tell you she will be dead or dead broke any other way. IE. Psychiatry will make you plain broke at $65 an hour and the medical community will either leave you dead or dead broke. LOL thats why where here. dont forsake this women.

but just incase you wanna take the easy way out. why did you have children with this girl in the first place. i mean, if she was a wild one right from the gecko you must have just wanted this girls body and the kids were and axodent? more detals.

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