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Re: I'm a regular visitor to the Christian Forum by nick5 ..... Atheism Debate Forum

Date:   8/27/2005 11:25:05 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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"I find it fun to treat my neighbor with respect and love, It is fun to NOT murder, lie, cheat, steal - it is fun to be living morally right"

Well guess what, ME TOO! Except I came up with my moral code myself, not because of a stupid book! Yes kindness and friendship and helping others bring me joy and peace!
But playing with yourself, spanking the monkey and having sex while not being married is also great and fun! (and btw I AM faithful to my girlfriend and would never think of cheating on her... we're even gonna get married, but NEVER in a church!)
And there are tons of things that the bible says are wrong, that are actually right and a lot of fun to do!
I do agree that murder and stealing and all that stuff is bad (in general). But it's not because of a fairy tale book. It's because I've decided so myself. You could say in a way that I have chosen to be my own god. Because of that, I do not consider myself an atheist.

"It's much easier to love than to hate. It is much easier to see positive things than negative things in life. It is much easier to forgive than to hold grudges. (healthier too)"

Actually, and I know I've said this before, but this is not true. Sure love is an amazing feeling, and my life IS full of love and joy. I feel the deepest love... towards those who deserve it! let's say someone murdered your parents... would you love them? If you say yes, you are lying. The natural feeling would be the desire to take revenge, and make them him die in the most painful way imaginable. THAT would feel good, and it would be extremely satisfying. You could try to bury that feeling, and succeed, but it would be hypocrisy.
How about if some guy was pointing a gun at your head, and told you to get naked and that he's gonna rape you, would you love him? OF COURSE NOT. An intelligent person would try to get out of that sh*t by hurting the guy real bad or something.
Trying to love everyone is not only stupid and unnatural, it can also be very dangerous. To have a full life you need both love AND hate.

Of course whenever I meet a new person I am very open, I have the desire to know that person, see if we have things in common, etc. BUT if that person happens to be mean, or even just annoying, it would be unnatural to try to love him/her... that's what wrong with christianity. Loving everyone is impossible, and trying to do so will only diminish the love you can give to those who DO deserve it.

Plus the bible god is a mean and evil guy who likes to destroy stuf and kill people. Oh and he doesn't exist. And jesus was not who you think he was. You seem like a good person though so I'll just respect your beleif but you should consider that you could be wrong. Just because you chose that religion doesn't mean it's true, there are thousands of others that are just as likely to be true. It,s even probable that none of them are true, since they were all created by human people. Do you even know how christianity started? And I'm not talking about the bible version of how it started.


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