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Date:   5/21/2004 4:34:05 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi guys

Hope you are all well.

Sorry this is a bit of a depressing one - but I just feel awful and don't know what it is.

Been trying to get rid of candida for the past 13+ years - been on the diet for most of it, tried loads of different antifungals, and am now seeing a brilliant nutritionist and feel like we're making progress.

However after a few weeks of madness, hard work, a new relationship and cheating on the diet only a few times (I know, bad me) - I just feel awful. So tired I could cry. Feel like I've got the flu, all my joints are aching - the pale pallor has returned, as has the sheer exhaustion, crying, irrational thoughts and inability to function. I've got low blood Sugar problems and adrenal exhaustion too. I work in a busy publishing office and can't give up work as I have a home and mortgage - oops!

I've just started a new relationship - this guy is really lovely - but he loves eating out and just adores sweets, red meat, fizzy juice, etc. I have managed to stick to the diet this far when we are out but last week fell of the wagon and had one - one - bowl of ice cream. Surely this couldn't have caused me to go straight back to square 1 again?

I just feel so desparate at the moment and utterly exhausted in trying to get rid of this bloody candida.

Do you think I might be in die-off mode, as I'm rigidly sticking to the diet once more and am taking all my supplements including garlic?

Thanks so much for all your help.
Carrie XXX

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