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Dr Weil is wrong by Johnny Vegas ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/2/2004 2:33:34 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dr Weil is wrong. I read the answer and all he is doing is spouting off the standard medical reply.

I take livatone plus, which is designed by a doctor (Dr Sandra Cabot). It contains many substances which help the liver detoxify and peform its functions, including herbs, amino acids and vitamins. This is not mumbo-jumbo, this is based on solid science.

It has helped my overburdened liver deal with the many toxins candida produces.

Western medicine has a completely perverted view of the liver. So-called "liver function" tests you get at your doctor are actually nothing of the sort - they only test for liver damage, not how well the liver is performing. A fatty liver (which isn't damaged) will score fine on these tests. Alternative medicine however acknowledges the functional nature of the liver and accordingly has tests which actually test the *function* of the liver - i.e. how well it performs phase I and phase II detoxification.

>“Cleansing” the liver with concoctions of apple juice, olive oil, lemon juice and Epsom Salts (as promoted by at least one author) is unlikely to result in any improvement in health.

I can personally refute what Dr Weil is saying here, based on my own experiences and those of hundereds of others. I have improved my health through those so-called "concoctions". His flippant remark that it is "unlikely" to result in any improvement in health is downright arrogant and unscientific. On what basis is he making those claims? Has he conducted trials? Has he talked to people who have tried the proceedure and taken a survey? Has he even tried it himself? The answer to all these questions is a resounding no.

I come from a scientific background, and am highly skeptical by nature. Liver Flushing and herbal liver support are real.

The ignorance and arrogance of the medical community (in dismissing anything which is not a patented drug) never fails to amaze me. Hippocrates the father of medicine said "Let food be thy medicine". Perhaps the medical community should wake up and start listening to their own founding father.



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