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solving the mystery! by #15361 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/30/2004 10:28:34 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi guys

I hope youíre all well!

Iíve just had a moment of realisation.

When I first became ill, around 13 years ago, the doctor didnít know what it was and prescribed me anti-acid (Cimetidine) and IBS medication (Colofac/Mebeverine), neither of which helped, but of course may have destroyed my stomach-acid producing capabilities, aggravating my current candida state. The doctor didnít know what was wrong with me so I guess it was as difficult for her trying to find out what it was, as it has been for me all these years.

I really am waking up to the fact that we have to almost retrace our steps to find out why the candida arrived in the first place.

With me, I think it was stress at an early age, a few courses of Antibiotics , inherited food-intolerance problems, the pill and taking these medications. No wonder my poor body just about gave up! When I was younger I used to suffer from chronic indigestion Ė maybe my digestive system was never that strong to begin with (when I was born I went into distress, pooíd inside my Mum and then was quickly extracted via an emergency caesarean!).

Iím now about to embark on an inner-cleansing regime (itís the only thing Iíve not tried yet, just waiting to get paid!). Liver-flushing still scares me Ė can I take livatone plus or similar instead and still get effective results? Iíve been drinking lots of ginger tea recently and have not been eating as much meat. I don't mind the idea of colonics, and am keen to get started. I've found a good colonist who repopulates with good bacteria and herbs after each session.

Iíve been on the anti-candida diet for years, tried all sorts of antifungals but it still comes back, so it definitely is a case of an inner-body imbalance I think.

Thanks very much for your thoughts.



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