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Re: Stevia by Alexcena ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/11/2005 10:50:29 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Jhan,

The main source of commercially produced xylitol are corn cobs and birch bark...hmmm...perhaps you were reacting to the corn...

I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well! I look forward to your updates.

Of course I have a question or two for you (as usual). I was wondering, when you were doing your fast of broth, oatmeal and an apple did you do the cleansing salad or eat yoghurt or kefir during that time? I am trying to regulate how much food I can take in that will retain sufficient bodily energy yet starve the candida. I have increased my water supply. I am up to 3-4 litres per day including herbal teas. I find it difficult to imagine how you managed to work and study with such a low volume of food!! I am doing neither yet can barely tolerate a decrease...I am just trying to figure out "my plan of action" : ))

If you didn't eat the c/salad and kefir while on the fast, when did you re-introduce the cleansing salad and kefir/yoghurt after the fast and other foods you typically ate on your candida diet?

I also wanted to comment on your intolerance to perfumes and the detergent ailse in the grocercy (at one point during your 'illness'). When I read that I was thinking that about three or four years ago I was at that point. Mine got progressively worse until it evolved into MCS. I was thinking "thank heavens" that you began battling the ugly culprit candida at that time. If not, you may have been battling MCS in addition to your CFS!! Also, thank heavens I discovered that candida was my problem and that I found this forum!!

Take CAre Jhan and thank you for the support you offer to us!!

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