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Re: Has anyone actually beaten Candidiasis? by boronia ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/14/2005 11:19:55 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi, yes I know what you mean! It is a mystery. We could all end up worrying too much about it, but then again perhaps people don't worry *enough* about it! I talk to friends and family about it and they end up worrying that they might be mercury toxic too! They may well be of course and no-one should have mercury in their mouths so getting them out safely is a good idea for everyone, plus avoiding it as much as you can eg vaccines with it in (though GSK have removed thimerosal from their recent formulations....though it is still used in the processing). They won't say why either when I spoke to someone from the GSK yesterday. She knew why but wouldn't tell me because I was a member of the public! Well I think we all know why.....because it's so f*****g toxic! I'm glad you managed to avoid it! :)

Also with candida, I've heard conflicting views....that candida is the result of mercury and vice versa that having candida makes you more susceptible to mercury toxicity. I think once your organs have become compromised with either, they both worsen the other, if you see what I mean! I now totally believe that mercury is contributing to my problems, but I think my poor adrenals have also contributed to this and that's happened for other reasons, though mercury will have contributed to that too. It's a vicious poor adrenals/thyroid/liver (perhaps due to mercury) become less able to deal with the mercury and so become weakened further by it.

Yes my mineral profile was/is whacked.

Yes the mercury 'challenges' can be dangerous for a lot of people. I've met people on the net who have been made a lot worse by this. Again depends on adrenal strength etc. at the time. I actually had a DMSA challenge about7 yrs ago. It tested positive for mercury. I don't recall my health getting significantly worse after the challenge at the time...I'm sure it would have stood out in my memory. However I *know* I wouldn't be able to handle such a challenge now.

It's difficult to give advice really, perhaps if you just carried on detoxing and sorted out any guardia infection, things might improve. If they don't maybe it would be worthwhile looking into the mercury thing a bit more.

I'm going down the Andy Cutler route and chelate frequently at low doses so I will feed back how I get on :)

All the best


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