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Re: I agree ... by boronia ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/24/2005 12:17:19 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Wow, that doesn't sound good with NO water at all coming out! I agree with the poster below who is saying you may be dehydrated. I know when I get a colonic and I'm a little dehydrated, my colonic lady can tell- it takes a long while to get anything out with the water. Well, about the enemas, I can't say they did any good for me at all. I only do them occasionally now, like when I have a day when I don't have a bm. They're more for just making sure you don't get all backed up. I don't feel they're any kind of long term solution ( just my experience ).I can really tell the difference now when I do one. My intestines cramp properly and I can expel the water fully.

Yes, I tried MANY brands of probiotics and none did a thing for me. Hmmm.. some I remember taking are: Natren ( GOSH was on that one for about 2 years straight- the sales lady at my health food store kept telling me I wasn't taking them enough, but lordy I was taking WAY more than the recommended amount! ) Jarrow, Renew Life, PB8 ( that one made me feel horrible- and NOT like die off either ) Some kind of yogurt one in a little bottle-forgot the name, Nature's Way, and I'm sure I've forgotten some. I've been taking this brand for about 6 months. I can really tell it's healed my insides a lot. I'm still battling candida though. I know it takes quite a long time though since I've been ill for many years. If you want to try the Rgarden, their site is ( not in health food stores ).

One more thing : I know some people on this site advocate doing the P and B shakes, but I've seen people post over and over on the forums how they've made them constipated and digestion worse. My colonic lady advised me not to take the Bentonite clay. She says it's like concrete in your insides! You may have a blockage in your intestines somewhere due to it. You'll need to be sure to drink tons of water so it'll make it's way through. Yes, It's very possible too that you could have some big candida "nests" blocking things up. I would think colonics would be about the best way to push them out ( my opinion here again :-). I sure hope something helps you soon! :-)

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